Friday 22 July 2016


I did not realise near a month's past since our last post, so here are some photos I took in the garden today.

This beautiful David Austin Rose The Lark Ascending has been flowering for months.

Such a gorgeous colour of apricot to yellow.


A great mix of colurs in this front garden flowerbed.

Brugmansia Double Pink

The trumpet flower on the right is just going over while the one on the left comes into it's own, showing the deep pink.

This Poppy that self seeded in the gravel of the front garden now showing just the seed heads.

I love these poppy seed heads just as decorative as the flowers.


a gorgeous purple Buddlega


Crocosmia & Variegated hardy fuchsia

Variegated Cornus on the left & hardy fuchsia centre/right


Some pots of Fuchsias by the front door.

Round the back garden.

Poor Joan's not looking good! Since we did not really use the correct base , the moss as not taken, so she'll be having a wash and finding a place to stand.

These Anemones are looking great with lots of flowers.

David Austin rose Shakespeare

Pineapple Lily


The round stone circle.

In the raised Tropical garden.

The water Nymph

Tree fern

The Tropical area.

The Shade garden

This Akebia Quinata climber is going great, so much so we will need to cut it back.

 On this side is a Honeysuckle, rose and a Jasmine all intertwined.

The alpine beds



  1. All looking absolutely superb!
    Delighted to say that I too can also find a few of these plants in my small garden.

    1. Thank you Kendal and it's lovely to know you also have some of these flowers to enjoy in your own garden :)

  2. So many colours and shapes of flowers there are!
    I love Japanese anemone flowers and it blooms in autumn in our area.
    The pink flowers are stunning.

    1. Thank you Poirot, we like to have many flowers to enjoy :)
      Some of the Anemone also flower later here too!

  3. The gardens, both front and back, are looking delightful Dee, all your hard work is coming to fruition now....and haven't you both worked your socks off on this lovely garden.
    Now you need to relax and enjoy it!

    1. Thank you Sharon. They are both , front and back, looking very full and with lots of colour this year.
      Yes now is the time to just potter about or seat and relax :) xx

  4. Your garden really is amazing! I love to garden, but we do more veg growing than flowers etc. We have to plant flowers every years as nothing seems to come back the following year. Could it be the soil ( light, fine and sandy here being close to the sea ) The wrong plants? I use plant feed and Miracle Gro :)