Friday, 1 May 2015


A few years ago we put  a  pale yellow Magnolia in our front garden. We were not to sure if it was a good place due to living on a hill that gets very windy and the front garden is quite exposed.

The first year I think we had one flower! then we had a couple of years with the snow and ice and very cold springs, so the few buds that tried were caught and ruined before they had the time to shine.

So we were considering that may be we should move it to give it a chance but then this year we noticed several buds had formed and then one opened!

Well we are having some cold nights over the next few days so I went out and took some photo's in the fading light because it is full of wonderful pale yellow/lemon flowers. These flowers are the same shape as the Stellata .

It is putting on  a wonderful display of delicate colour.

It's in the centre Island bed in the front garden.

The flash is making the flowers look white but you can see more of the colour on the far right bud.

So many !




Lots of spring bulbs are flowering, these deep yellow dogs tooth violets ( Erythronium )

So very happy that the Magnolia is full of flower and is maybe now mature enough to deal with the cold winds.


  1. It's really cute magnolia, isn't it?
    It has survived and it will flower more and more in the following years, I think.

  2. Such a perfect colour for Spring!

  3. It looks lovely and obviously doing well now! I think the creamy lemony ones have quite a strong scent, don't they? I hope now that it is hardy and mature enough to withstand the chilly nights.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx