Sunday, 24 May 2015


Well we have been very busy with sorting out the garden etc. Friday evening we cleared an area up by the patio.

At one point we considered having a wall built to separate the garden from the patio to form a courtyard by the house but we did not rush into anything and spent a lot of time thinking and finally decided that we wanted to still see the garden and not have it hidden away.
But we still wanted a barrier of sorts between the two.

So on Friday evening we set about using up some items we already had to achieve this.

We used the trellis that used to be under the rose arch to form the barrier unfortunately we were unable to buy any more of the same make, so needed to fill the finally part with something else to blend in.

We had some other style of trellis but I was not happy with how big the opening of the trellis was, it was just too big.
Then I decided to use part of it and the off cut I took apart and filled in the larger openings.

by doing this I made the squares much smaller. Which I felt wood blend in better with the other style of trellis.

Here it is in place.

All in place just waiting for a coat of black stain.

So on Saturday I gave it a coat of stain, I also re-stained the old fence panel in the right hand corner and put some trellis up on the second fence panel.

I had spent Saturday morning at work and Paul had cleared the last area to finish the path. But we could not get it right! so meltdown! Fed up we decided to leave it until another day when we would make the decision of which way we were going to go and do it!.

So we concentrated on getting the barrier by the patio finished and tidying up a few area's on it.

so the new trellis was stained.

We did the same on the other side of the path again making up the smaller trellis.

This is the side of a brick shed that stand on the patio and up until late last year was covered in Clematis and roses from top to bottom. However we removed all these because we intend to take this shed down as it covers half of the view from the French doors that we look out of from the living room.
Naturally this did not happen and will have to wait until later in the year, so we need to clean it up for the opening of the garden.

So we have moved the little woman's plant holder to the centre and put up two hanging baskets that are usually on the gazebo and which we forget to water.

So Sunday arrived quite hot and sunny. so back out into the garden by 9.30 and on with the work!.

So we have spent all today in the garden apart from going to buy some decking boards and another trip to the garden centre for plants for the hanging basket.
So by this evening we have managed to tidy and restyle most of the patio area.

All the trellis as now been given a coat of black stain.

I have re stained the top of the fish pond which was a job needing doing for a year at least. We needed to clear off all the pots of plants that had found their way around the edges and we have vowed to not put any back....... only time will tell on that one! Although I like it clear another part of me misses all the different pots filling the edges!
Paul asked if I was going to re stain the bottom and I said no as I did not want it to look all new but looking at this photo I may re stain it!

This corner that had become a dumping ground while we did other areas over the winter has now been cleared and the old fence panel re stained. We have placed my daughter's metal bench here, it gets lots of early morning sun, so a lovely place to sit if it's a windy day as you would be tucked away.

We have used two old planters with a  piece of board off cut from the re roofing of the workshop, which I stained in  black, to form a little table for plant pots.

Some of the ducks have found their way onto the table for now!.

The frog prince does not look to happy now all the pots have gone!

Paul cleaned up the wall and planted up the hanging baskets, stained some of the decking boards we bought and placed some large pots on them. Hopefully the hanging baskets will have time to fill out and bring some much needed colour to this wall.


Tomorrow we will be working on this side of the garden, moving all the old bricks and paving and putting black stained decking boards around the boxed area.
Weather permitting!



  1. You must be very pleased and encouraged to see all these superb improvements taking place. over this weekend and there's still Bank Holiday monday to go.
    I too think that whilst the trellis does a good job of separating the patio area from the flower garden it still allows you to look out and enjoy this area/garden room.

    Personally I'm pleased to see that the original brick shed/coal house is still remaining, although I can see, as you say, it restricks the view from the lounge patio doors, as I'd love to see it somehow converted into a glassed sunroom or sheltered seating area since you said that it wasn't big enough to convert into a Sasha studio.

    The pond area is looking great too and I think that I prefer it just as it is rather than have a coat of black added to the base.

    Love how you've made that side table out of the two square planters and left over shed roof board. Very clever idea as it's useful to have somewhere to place a tea tray or cup/mug of coffee.

    1. It is lovely seeing all the idea's we have had but not got on with , actually happening and being sorted out. That is one good thing about agreeing to open your garden it does make you get on with all the jobs that have been waiting in the wings!
      If the brick shed was another ten foot away from the house I would consider keeping it but since it will make such a big difference to the patio once it's gone, I am afraid it's for the chop!

      I am nothing if not full of ideas as Paul will tell you ! :)

  2. As my brother would say when doing a jigsaw puzzle "getting there, getting there!" What a lot of work you've done in such a short time, it's really all starting to come together now Dee, well done!

    1. Your brothers right, it is like a jigsaw especially as we jump from one thing to another, just like when you find a piece that fits elsewhere on a puzzle!
      But it id beginning to look better! :)xx

  3. It's looking lovely Dee, hard graft for you guys but lovely to see wip!x

    1. Thanks Louise, it's certainly hard graft but so nice as it all starts to settle into place and look so much better than before! xx