Sunday, 17 May 2015


So Sunday dawned bright and sunny, although cold when the sun went behind a cloud!. So it was back out first thing into the garden to carry on with the path.

So this is how we left it Saturday evening, Eight paving slabs laid and more old path to be dug out and grass removed ready for the next set of four.

So first up clearing another part of old path and digging out the grass to form a level square ready for the next stage.

Around 10.30 there was movement on the patio, could it be some young and fit helpers? Looks like they are just chatting and enjoying the sun, anyone would think it was Lindsey's birthday! Oops it is Lindsey's birthday! So no help there then...

Slowly we are making progress.

closer look.

Each set of four was surrounded by the black blocks.

Yes finally proof that Paul does not do everything on his own, that is indeed me on my knees placing all the edging to the path.

A long view of the path coming along.

Looking back towards the house, you can just make out Izzy sitting patiently for us to come back her way, she did not like the wooden ramp we'd placed to push the wheelbarrow up, so she stayed there greeting us like long lost relations every time we went that way. I tweaked the design  for the fourth set of four by moving it to come off the side and down, this brought it over enough to bring it to line up with the gate to the flower garden.

And this is as far as we got today by 6.15 pm which is much further than I thought we would ! We just need to put the edging round this set, then lay a set of two, then four smaller slabs to reach the gate.

View from patio towards the gate.

Then back towards the house after we have tidied up the boards.

You can see the small area just in front of the gate that still needs to be done, the garden drops away there, so it will need to be sloped down at that point.

And I actually remembered to do a couple of photo's from the upstairs window!

A closer look. So a very good weekends work ! It will now have to wait until next weekend for the last few paving stones to be laid, then the whole thing will need to be pointed.

We are now thinking of paving over the brick step over to match in with the path and since we have managed to get quite a bit done this week, we may have time to sort that out next.

Thought we'd share a few photo's of our Wisteria which is coming into flower.

There are lots of buds and thankfully it's not been caught so far by a late frost, so with luck we will see it in it's full glory.

Here it's starting to bloom.

More blooms

Lots of lovely blooms getting ready to spread their colour for us to enjoy.

Well a good weekends work but still much to be finished before we open for the Church and because we had that lovely day and night of rain we have lots of weeds making themselves comfy, so that yet another job for the list!

We will keep you informed of our progress as we wend our way to that open day...



  1. WAH! WAH! Wanna comesee the pretty garden!!!!!!!

    I know you and Mr Paul are very busy right now but I have to ask about the wisteria....if I buy one, they always are of the slow to grow and bloom variety and we tend to move house before they flower. It is frustrating to pass a house you've left and see the much wanted wisteria blooming within months of it kicking you out of it's garden. Growing tips please (after the open garden thingy, of course) because your is gorgeous.

    Love the shot from the upstairs window. Is that all your land? Or is some from next door? The roofs look great, add to the charm of the photo composition.

    1. Wisteria's can take a couple of years to flower, you need to cut them back twice , once in January when you cut it back to five buds on the shoots,and again in July, you cut back to control the rampant growth.

      The view from the window shows our garden and part of next doors on the right, the second small roof is next doors shed. You can just about make out the top of the lychgate roof at the top of the photo.

    2. Think we need ramant growth!

      Did Paul build your lychgate? It looks as though it has always been there. I miss red roof tiles. Does that sound silly? Everything is grey slate here, of course, but when I see photos of red tiles, I remember our farm buildings from chldhood - all very Milly-Molly-Mandy, but I get sentimental sometimes!

  2. What a wonderful design of the stone path!

    1. Thank you Poirot, we are pleased with how it's working out.

  3. The garden is looking really lovely Dee (and Paul too of course!) and the path looks good.....aww I loved seeing little Izzy waiting for you and can just picture the greetings you got each time you went back down her way.....lovely!
    big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, It's slowly coming together. Izzy is a darling and was making a great fuss every time we came her way Mind you towards the end she wanted her dinner!! xx

  4. Enjoyed finally seeing YOU in action and not just behind the camera.
    The new path design is superb although I'm wondering how Izzy and Hamish are liking their reduced lawn area.
    Great to see the colour now creeping in amongst the boarders.
    Love the Wisteria. We bought my late mother a pink one but she unfortunately passed away in the February before it had it's first flower in the May.
    When is the Church open day? June or July? Good luck in getting most of the jobs done in the time left.

    1. Yes It good for people to see it's not just Paul doing all the work! :)
      Everything is growing and filling out the borders so that's all good, mind you the weeds are also growing just as quick!!
      It's in June so not long to get it all shipshape !