Friday, 22 May 2015


I thought I'd take a few photo's of how the gardens doing at the moment.

The end still waiting to be finished, which will hopefully happen this coming weekend.

This pretty Geranium is acting like a ground cover filling this area.

This is Magnolia Black Tulip which is finally getting established, it's been in a couple of different places in the garden, been hit by frost which has damaged the flower buds but this year is looking lovely and healthy and we have had a few flowers as you can see.
Behind is a blue Ceanothus which is looking lovely.

In this corner of the Flower garden, the red Rhododendron is starting to flower and the deep yellow Azalea
which we moved from a large pot into the garden is looking lovely and healthy and full of colour.

In the opposite corner we have a purple Rhododendron with a lovely variegated leaf which is slowly coming into flower.

The Wisteria is doing well

lots of buds

starting to drop down

loving this buds...

The shuttlecock ferns in the damp garden have opened giving a zing of bright green to the area.

The Ligularia's that Paul split are growing well.

The formal box garden is now in need of having the Chelsea chop, ie you use the Chelsea flower show as the date to trim your box to a nice crisp edge.

The path to the stone circle is looking nice and hidden by the plants growing over from the borders.

The Lilac's and Aquilegia , with a touch of purple Geranium in the background are filling this area with some early colour.

A shady place to sit awaits those willing to fight their way through!

The view you get if you make the journey to the stone circle and sit and look back the way you came.
We moved one of the red Rhododendron's to this area from the flower garden and you can see it's first open flower on the right.

The Lych Gate hidden by plants.My father in law once said to me that I liked a 'wild ' garden and what he was saying was that where as he liked to see the soil and all his plants regimented, I liked to see no soil and have them pushing each other out the way, which is correct!

Looking into the shade garden.

A view of the white Clematis Montana looking good against the trellis.

Well the above photo's I took on Wednesday evening when I got in from work but today I went to take some photo's of the Wisteria, to see how it's opening up.

The buds are beginning to open more.

Love that height in the centre with the flowers flowing out to the side.

Happy happy!!

the flowers appear to be in bunches.

Cannot wait to see these fully open and hanging from the roof trellis.

Here you can see the white open with yellow middle and pinky lilac lower petal.

I must remember to take the photo's when it's fully open and looking it's best!

More of the yellow Azalea opening.

Once this red's out it's going to give this shaded corner a big splash of colour.

Well I must go and doing more jobs in the garden, will report back in a day of so with the next bit of progress.



  1. The garden is coming on now in leaps and bounds, it's amazing how it so quickly all comes together, with hard work of course, by yourselves and Mother Nature. It won't be long now until the visitors are flooding in to have a look around, and what a lovely colourful site will greet them!
    Well done you two!

    1. Thanks Sharon, yes mother nature is working well at the moment, just hope she can time everything to burst into colour on the open day!! lol

  2. Oh you really need a studio? Can't I just move in there and share your garden???
    This post has brightened my day. We live in averdant art of the country - but it is pretty much just that...GREEN.... at the moment as our flower season starts later than over the border in Herefordshire/Shropshire. But it won't be long now and your and Pau's sterling work and slight flowering season advance have made me really look forward to June flowering time here.
    Thank you for the wander around your lovely plot and for the views of the wisteria-clad barn, it feels as though i've been there in person. Lovely!!
    J xxx

    1. Mmm maybe I could rent it out for gardening holiday? Well Paul's half!! lol I really do need mine even if it looks like it will not happen until much later this year! You need to put in some flowering shrubs which will give you leaf colour and shape plus flowers, while you wait for the perennials to grow and flower, at the moment most of what you are seeing is flowering shrubs.
      Is'nt that wisteria on that barn gorgeous, I am hoping mine will grow nice and high!
      Dee xx

  3. AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! I must check before I post messages!! Sorry. Jx

  4. Well I'm now back here again and hopefully I'll remember to push the publish button at the end this time.
    Loving how all the colours are gradually creeping into the garden this month.

    I've always fancied a Wisteria but I'm not sure that I have the room here for it. We gave my late mother a pale pink one but sadly it didn't flower for two years until the May after she has passed away in the February.... and then with only a single bloom. Now, several years later, it is doing very well

    How are Hamish and Izzy liking the new path in their lawned flower garden? Are they missing the extra grassed area at all. Clever idea to take a photo of it from the unstairs bedroom window so that we can see it's angled design so much better!

    When exactly is THE open day?

    1. Wisteria's do take some work and you can grow them as small trees if you put in the work!
      Izzy and Hamish don't seem to mind the new path, there is still plenty of grass either side..for now :)
      The days in June.