Monday, 25 May 2015


Early Sunday morning the Wisteria's is looking beautiful.

The deep yellow Azalea is full of colour and the red Rhododendron is starting to bloom, this corner of the flower garden is looking quite colourful.

The formal box garden.

All that lovely bright green growth on the box needs cutting back into shape to tidy it all up.

The damp garden is filling up.

Paul's Tropical area is also filling up.

Plenty of colour over towards the stone circle.

We bought this gorgeous yellow Azalea in the garden centre today ( Sunday ) it was on offer at half price, so a bargain at £6.50!

I love Geranium's and this is a little beauty.


We moved this red rhododendron from the flower garden to the raised garden but placed it down by the stone circle which is a shaded woodland style area and its' loving it!

It's full of buds about to erupted into glorious colour.

The yellow will look good against the blue grannies bonnets.

The under gardener taking a break!

Now the plants have grown over the sides and across the path in places and some have settled themselves in the path. It does make it  a little narrower to get through but I like that they encroach on softening the edges.But should I trim them back for when the gardens open? Personally I think not but am I wrong?

If you are coming trough from the Lych Gate this is the space you have, of course the pot would not be there!

This Clematis Montana is a double pink one and this is first time it's flowered so well .

so pretty.

The Wisteria is falling through the roofing.

Neptune is looking pleased.



  1. It's all looking really nice now and the plants are well established and thriving, which is always great!
    I think the path looks great with the plants over the edges, but if you're going to cut them back, as soon as possible would be best so that they don't look too 'formal' and 'cut' for the open day, they'll have had a bit of time to soften the edges up again without overgrowing them, don't you think?

    1. Thanks Sharon, I do like they spilling over, so cannot bring myself to cut them back much, I may just cut a tiny bit off!! lol
      I keep telling Paul it's our garden , so they'll have to fight their way through!! :) xxx

  2. The wisteria looks gorgeous, and your garden is full of beautiful green foliage.
    The colour of a shirt of the handsome gardener suits flowers around him:-)

    1. Thank you Poirot, at least it is filling up with green at the moment and I am so happy with how well the Wisteria's done this year! :)