Tuesday, 12 May 2015


We were in the garden doing some work when I noticed that my beautiful Tree Peony had been battered by the wind from the previous night and disaster!

The stem that is quite slim had split with the half on which the one and only bud was on had collapsed!

The poor plant!

Here you can see that the bud was about to open!

I placed the bud in this white jug.

It was a lovely edition to my cup of tea and a biscuit.

By the following day the bloom had started to open.

A gorgeous deep pink.

Then today it's opened so you can see the centre, it is so lovely and big and it will be lovely if next year this tree peony again gets some buds that stay on and bloom in the garden!.



  1. Oh, what a shame but at least you got to enjoy the bloom....although not in the place that it should have been.
    Good to see that the super new patio set is being put to good use. What is happening to the previous wooden set?.

    1. Yes it was a shame but we did get to enjoy it's opening and hopefully we'll get some more blooms next year.

    2. Forgot to say Lauren's having the wooden table and two armchairs, the bench stays here.

  2. That's a real shame that the plant broke, but hopefully it'll come back with a vengance next year. Love the bloom though, it looks very pretty in that little white jug.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. It was Sharon but it's still going strong in the garden, so hopefully it will get stronger and return next year even better ! xxx