Monday, 4 May 2015


Well today's been glorious with lovely warm sunny weather totally different from yesterday! So for Paul it was back out into the garden.

Last year we had Dahlia's in pots in the formal box garden but this year we thought we would try something else. After much discussion we finally decided to re pot four of the Abutilon's into the bigger pots and stand one in the centre of each bay after first levelling and laying weed suppressant fabric and covering that with bark chippings.

Then in the two pots standing each side of the Abutilon's we re potted our Agapathus of course we were two plants shorts which meant a trip to THREE garden centres before we found some worth buying. We also had a trip to Wickes a diy store that was selling large bags of bark chipping for a good price and we also bought some compost from there too.

So after much work Paul had re potted all the plants and they are now in place.

You can see all the new growth on the box that will be trimmed after the Chelsea Flower show.

Closest to us on the left in centre is an Orange Abutilon with blue Agapanthus each side on the right is a Yellow Abutilon with a white and a blue Agapanthus each side.

In the top bays are two blues at the back with a white Abutilon and in the front a blue and white with a Pink Abutilon.

The Tangerine Plant is now back in place.

 So is the Lime plant.

The Fig is coming into leaf.

And a big patch of miniature wild strawberries have made themselves at home in the gravel!

Yesterday I cut back the Honeysuckle that was hiding David from view, so now he can watch the fruit growing.

Last year my Tree Peony struggled but since Paul's cleared the bed and re planted it , it's looking lovely and healthy.

There is at present one lovely big bud!

The Acer's we planted in the first house garden have all survived the Winter and come into leaf.

This Magnolia called Susan which we bought a couple of years back in a garden centre sale, always a good place to pick up large and expensive plants for under a third of their original price which the garden centre do not want to over winter, is having a lovely display now it's been in a while of beautiful deep pink flowers.

Paul's Bird of Paradise plant is getting new leaves but so far no flowers much to his disgust!

The Acer in the corner by the house is looking lovely and bright!

While round in the front garden..

The Stellata like flowers on the lemon Magnolia have opened and are looking beautiful.

Lovely spread of blooms.

The shrubs at the front are full of flowers and colour.

The other side of front border again full of leaf colour with a few white tulips in flower.

We have lifted the two large pots of Cordyline's back into place and taking off their wrapping.

The front bed is filling with colour and leaf.

Lots of bulbs and plants underneath the front window.

We allow the Clover to flower against the front wall.

A last look back at the front garden That is looking lovely and full! Mind you some of it is grass and weeds but not too much!

Well tomorrow they will be delivering the Paving for the back path and the sand and cement needed to lay it. So hopefully if it's not raining, we'll be able to move everything round to the back garden, so we can still use the drive.!



  1. Your garden is looking really good Paul and Dee. Don't worry about your bird of paradise as I am sure you will have flowers next year. Xxx

    1. Thanks Steve. Paul so wants that Bird of Paradise to flower this year!!lol I may have to buy him another one that's IN flower while he waits for this one!!

  2. What a beautiful display of such a variety of greenery in every shape form and description.
    I'm loving seeing and hearing just how well all gthe planbtsare doing.
    Wish that my Red Robin plant that I decided to move too late in the year was lookingb like yours in the front but fear that the frost has got to it with deciding not to cut it back after the move with me wanting to keep it's height. Bad mistake as it now looks like I might well have to replace it altogether,

    1. My apologies for the obvious NO proof reading again on the above!
      Forgot to say that I'm much prefering the Agapanthus plants, than last years Dailias, in the formal garden pots.

    2. Thank you Kendal. I would give your red robin a while to settle in, it's surprising how they can come back from the brink!
      Paul wants to plant the Agapanthus in the ground between the box at the end of the year as they like their roots restricted and the box will do that.