Monday, 27 May 2019


Which is what happens once the lovely warmer weather arrives, we spend more time outside and start to notice all those little jobs that need doing, to add to the general weeding and dead heading.

We cut back the Jasmine, rose and honeysuckle that was starting to cover a third of the pond. , it will soon grow back but we'll try to keep it more in check and may give it another hard cut back in the autumn.

We've filled in either side of the middle piece of trellis behind the pond. This will stop Rufus our younger Golden retriever from getting on the pond and jumping over and into the garden in the winter , when we've shut the gate.
One of the jobs on our list is to replace the wood ledge on the pond edge and maybe top that with a stone edge.
We are also planning on adding a fountain/ water feature.

The Irises are still looking good.

The wisteria's in bloom and looking gorgeous.


The little mannington mauve rose beside it will flower soon.

in the folly

One of the jobs this year is to finish the walls and get a floor down, with planting.

The path to the back circle seating is filling up!

almost a jungle! lots of tall nettles amongst the plants.

I love how the folly ruin rises out of the planting from this point.

 a few plants are making the effort.



This plants survived the winter and is putting on a show!


Sunday, 26 May 2019


Last year I made a circular bed round the sundial in the flower garden for the Irises. Then we bought two golden retriever puppies, whose joy it is , when able to get into the flower garden, is to chase each other round and round the Iris bed!
Sometimes running through it and in Rufus's case biting an Iris along the way!
 But I am pleased to say that the Irises did survive this doggy treatment and this week have started to flower!

The edging knocked out or over by the dogs still need resetting but at least the Irises have survived.

one of the first to flower.

 This beautiful golden one.

A peach one.

This purple

and this lovely tall blue and white.

I was worried that they would mostly be one colour because we'd moved them from other places in the garden after they'd flowered. But I'm happy to see that there is a nice variety of colour.

The others all look nice and healthy but we'll need to wait and see if they flower this year.