Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Well everything is growing nicely despite the cold weather that keeps arriving and the night time temperature drops! It must be a strange sight up and down the country as doors open late at night straight after the late weather forecast and people rush out into the garden to cover up tender plants that they forgot to do earlier!

We both spent more time in the garden this weekend. Paul split these plants in the damp garden so hopefully we will get a lovely full showing of flowers this year.This view is looking over the side of the Lych Gate

If you look up and straight ahead you can see the statue of the Water Nymph, we cut back a branch of the
Heavenly Bamboo ,that's on the left of the photo, that was falling forward and covering a large section in the middle of this area, we also moved a small Heavenly Bamboo that was beside the larger one and replaced it with a large fern.

The other weekend I cleaned out lots of grass and weeds that were growing between the cobbles in this paved area where the path's meet.There is still more to do but some plants have seeded themselves along parts of the edges and I want to leave quite a few in to give it a cottage garden feel.

We paved this little area behind this trellis and to the side of the damp shaded garden, there is a rambling rose called Dorothy Perkins that has sweet pink flowers that's still waiting for the wall we planned to build where the piece of trellis is. It's a wall for a special purpose and we are hoping to maybe get it built in the next month or so..... if time allows us.
At the front of the step with have planted some different Thyme the one on the far right being a love lemon scented one. We are hoping this will grow between the edges of the stones.

We have planted a few small plants in this area.

A view of the other side of the damp shaded garden.

These Orange Crown Imperial's have increased, so we should have some more flowering this year or next.
There are some yellow ones just out of shot on the left.

The raised garden that leads down to the small round patio under the trees is beginning to look full although there are quite a few weeds to be removed in this area especially nettles!

The shrub border is filling up.

Billy Bob the goat's been banished into the border after I walked into his ear and cut my leg ! So He's now where he cannot attack me and cause any more pain! I may move him to a slight better position once his punishments over.

A view of the yellow Crown Imperial in the damp garden with the lych gate at the top.

The small patio borders are filling up.

Looking nice and full.

This Snake Bark Maple we put in a few years back used to be the size of the stem on the left now it's a nice solid truck and growing really well.

This is the top which will soon be in leaf..The back of the greenhouse is to the left.

The flowers in the flower garden and coming along nicely.

another side

the third side

the fourth side.

Well we have a few plans in the pipe line, we have ordered some paving slabs to re pave the path between the first garden and the flower garden. We need to get some bricks in for the wall near the damp garden and some wood.

So changes are coming which we will share as and when they happen.



  1. Everything is indeed growing and coming along very nicely! All is looking green and luscious. I always think that there is nothing nicer than Springtime in the UK.

    Very naughty Billy Bob although he does look quite apologetic standing there partly hidden in the 'naughty' corner.

    Looking forward to seeing the four corners of the flower garden in bloom in a couple of month's time.

    Any clues as to what the 'special' wall is going to be.... providing that you get the chance to build it in time?

    The 'Velvet' twin's little garden patch is looking good. They must have been working quite hard on it over the last few weeks.

    I guess that weeding between the cobbles was hard back breaking work but now showing well worth the effort.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. It is Kendal and hopefully it will all come together to make a lovely display in time for the open day for the Village Church.
      It was hard work on the cobbles but so worth it when you see the results.
      Lots more to do over the coming weeks :)

  2. Spring is the season for weeds as well as ornamental plants. I'm busy to weed in our garden, but I don't mind. Maybe I like weeding.

    1. Spring is indeed the season for weeds. I don't mind too many but after Winter if you do not get out there quick they can be in amongst everything making much work!