Sunday, 5 April 2015


We were hoping to re roof the 17ft long workshop on Saturday but the day started with heavy dark cloud with the hint of rain and very very cold! So we waited getting everything ready to start but the day stayed too grey and overcast to chance taking off the roof.

These photo's show you just how bad the inside of the roof is , soaking wet and never really getting a chance to dry out so that we could re do the felt.

more wet roof.

even the wood on the side is wet.

the old felt

The wood under the felt outside!

So finally we decided that we would have to completely replace the roof, wood and felt, so hopefully by tomorrow night it will all be dry and water proof.

A view of the sky and you can see why we did not chance removing the roof as we did not want the new wood to get soaked before we could get the new roofing felt on.
We are going to remove this tree , which is a shame but it's in an awkward place and does not make much of a show.

The bottom of the tree.

Empty pots in the formal box garden

view of the back corner.

The miniature Japanese flowering Cherry tree we brought with us from our last house ten years ago.

A close up of the blossom.

the blossom.

The shaded damp area.

The Stellata Magnolia is in bud and starting to open.

A close up of the buds.

We moved this little Maple in a pot into this spot to keep it sheltered.

So wish us luck for tomorrows weather as we really need to replace that roof before it gives up on it's own!!!



  1. Buckets full of Good luck heading your way PLUS am sending down some of our sunny, dry weather for good measure.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good luck on the roof! Or should I say "break a limb" just as not to jinx anything? ;)

    I'm very sorry we've been hogging the sun up here, in the North.

  3. I hope you're able to get the roof on before the rain comes.....
    The garden is really taking shape again, I love the blossoms :)