Friday, 17 April 2015


I thought I would show you all some photo's of what's happening in the garden.

The Crown Imperial's are starting to flower on the edge of the damp garden.

This was once a tiny piece of blue that now covers almost all of this raised bed and is in flower for weeks.

The Amelanchier is in full flower.

Bergenia's are also starting to flower.

The Flax is looking lovely and healthy.

This or I should say was the compost area but the wood's all rotted over the years , so we are planning to move this area to the very end of the garden and put a narrow shed here.

The raised bed by the hedge is starting to flower.

The yellow is Epimedium    and the blue is Vinca minor

The box is starting to grow and will need cutting after the Chelsea Flower show.

The Magnolia Black Tulip has a few buds on and the purple Honesty is giving some colour to this corner by the gate.

The Clematis Armandii is in full flower which we can now see due to cutting back the evergreen Honeysuckle that was taking over this piece of trellis.

The corners of the flower garden that Paul cleared and mulched are beginning to fill up. The fencing needs a coat of stain before anything else grows to cover it. corner one.

Corner two, the black length is the guttering from the workshop which still needs to go back but behind this trellis at the back corner of the Workshop is a very large water butt which is leaning, so needs emptying and placed upright to stop it pushing against the trellis.

Corner Three, filling nicely.

Corner Four.

The Akebia quinata is looking great.

This is a wonderful climber full of delicate leaves and deep purple flowers.

It's making it's way across a row of timber.

This leads round to the side of the house and the car port.

We still have four golden fish in the pond.

The Acer in the corner's now in full leaf which contrasts well against the red brick.



  1. I am surprised that you have Akebia in your garden. We have several varieties in our garden and we enjoy its sweet fruits in September.

  2. Hi Poirot, I saw your earlier blog posts showing your Akebia fruit....marvellous! We have flowers over the past 3 years but have not had any fruit appearing. I do not think our climate is warm enough. We did have fruit last year on our loquat which is apparently unusual, and I managed to grow 3 seedlings.