Friday, 12 June 2015


on the garden for the open day.
Lots of  weeding and tidying, so no photo's to take but I did take a couple of  patio which is slowing being cleared .


from the side .

The grey clouds coming in with some rain for overnight, which will at least water the garden and save us a job.



  1. Morning!

    Hope the rainclouds have passed over faster for you than they have here and you are now enjoying breakfast on the patio whilst admiring all the hard work you've done.

    It has been well worth it, hasn't it? Your once beautifu garden is now heavenly and a ittle rain will, as you say, be much appreciated by both the plants and the humans who would otherwise have to water.

    Hope sweet Izzie appreciates all the wotk done too!

    Lots of love,
    Jenni xxx

    1. Evening Jen, well it rained here all Friday night and all Saturday morning! But it finally stopped so we could fill the car yet again and head to the recycling centre! At this rate we'll be on first name terms with them!!
      But the garden is almost finished , we have been given our sign for the day and it just remains to see if anyone turns up! :)

  2. Really been enjoying all these photos, I hope you have a great event tomorrow and you can sit back soon and enjoy all your (and Paul's) hard work, before maintenance starts x

    1. Thank Louise :) I am particularly looking forward to the sitting back and enjoying the garden part ! :) x

  3. Looking great Dee, all the hard work really has paid off, well done you too!

    1. Thanks Sharon, lets hope it can be kept this tidy...well at least for the rest of this year ! xx

  4. A really super patio area with it's newly jet-washed slabs, new table and chairs, re-stained fencing/pond woodwork, re-potted/positioned planters and re-designed more open views out into the other garden rooms..

    I hadn't realised that you have TWO sets of french doors leading out onto it. How wonderful to have such accessibility to this area.