Monday, 15 June 2015


The roses are starting to open up in the garden, so I sent Paul round with the camera, to take some photo's to share with you.
Quite a few of the visitors on Sunday loved our roses, especially the scented ones.One lady commented that she loved that they were in amongst all the other flowers and on just on their own.

So starting with the one's in the back garden that are open.

1 Queen of Sweden

The Queen of Sweden blooms sit on the top of each stem.

2 Sceptred Isle

3 Charlotte

4 Blush Nosette      Climber

5 Madam Gregore Staechelin      Climber

6 Spirit of Freedom

7  A Shropshire Lad

8  Wollerton Old Hall

9  Mannington Mauve       A Rambler

10 Geoff Hamilton

11 Tess of the d'Urbervilles

12 Molineux         Standard

13 Crown Princess Margareta     Climber

14 Isphal

15 Gertrude Jekyell        Climber    Good Scent

16  Mortimer Sackler          Climber

17 Crocus

18 Tranquillity

19 William Shakespeare 2000

20 Pilgrim         Climber

21 Graham Thomas         Climber

22 Rambling Rector                       Rambler

23 Generous Gardener

24 Pink Perpetue       Climber

25 Jude the Obscure                         Strong Scent

there are others not yet in bloom.

Now the front garden roses.

26  Fighting Tameraire

27 The Lark Ascending  

28 The Pilgrim

29 Lady Emma Hamilton                  Strong scent

Lady Emma Hamilton as above

30  Another one whose name we cannot remember but beautiful all the same!

31  Abraham Darby                        scented

32 Lichfield Angel

33 Alan Titchmarch

34 Rosa Mundi

35 Rosa Glauca

36 We are not 100% sure of this ones name, been with us 10 years.

95 per cent of the roses in our garden are David Austin Roses but a few are Peter Beale Rambler Roses.


  1. Guessing that I was right when I commented the other day that 'Everything in the garden was coming up ROSES!'
    All look absolutely beautiful (although not for me as I don't care for their prickles and they way they so often attract black fly!)

    1. We love roses and could not have a garden without some.Mind you it appears we also cannot resist adding more! Trying to find the names of the couple we cannot remember we looked in the David Austin book and now have another one we'd like to get!!

  2. Fab, must remember to show my mum! X

  3. Beautiful roses, but how on earth do you remember all their names? You have such a super variety too, lovely!!!
    The garden must be the perfect place to sit now :)

    1. Thanks Sharon. Paul's the one who remembers more of the names than me and we have left the names on a couple but a few of the names have escaped us! which is fatal as we'll probably land up buying the same one again!! :) xx

  4. Such beauty! You've quite cheered me up as I've had a quick look before setting off for the hospital again this morning, This is a larger version of what is due to coe here in a week or two - we don't have asmany orses as you and our season hasn't started yet.

    Thanks Paul for the picsand Dee for the words! A lovely post. xxx

    How do you remember the names???? I forget straight way and they become ' the pink rambler,' the climber on the house front,' the yellow bush rose Hannah gave us' etc!