Sunday, 7 June 2015


Well yet another busy gardening weekend! Did not finish until 8.30 pm , totally lose track of time with these lighter nights. Although today Sunday got very hot by mid afternoon so I retired indoors away from the heat for an hour or so, while Paul potted up some more plants.

One of the things we did yesterday was make a small platform to stand some pots on.

We used a pallet which the paving  stones were delivered on and added a piece of board which Paul cut to size then rounded three of the corners, so as not to catch our legs on, then stained it black.

Then we added some of our pots of plants.

Paul also bought the Aeonium's out of the greenhouse and this lovely one we placed on the patio.

I love how these plants can get many branches with the flower heads on.

Paul cut the grass in the flower garden and that is now almost finished and ready, just a few little things to do then it's complete, apart from the usual weeding!

Early this morning, Sunday, I took some photo's in the early morning sunlight.

Looking from the right hand covered bench towards the left hand one , now back in place on it's base.

Now looking from left to right across the flower garden.

Now looking back towards the house.

Then the final side towards the Cloisters, where you can still see a bag that needs moving and a broken pot by the sundial.

Well we made a trip with a boot full to the recycling centre, took our old table and chairs round to Lauren where they have found a good home. Then it's was back to cleaning and clearing, no photo's of these other area's yet as we flitted back and forth between them due to the heat of the sun, so none are completely finished. We now have another car boot full to go to the recycling centre and may yet land up having to do one more trip but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel... I think!

So back to work in the morning and then more garden clearing and cleaning in the evening but it will all be worth the effort once it's finished.



  1. A busy, but very fruitful from the looks of things, gardening weekend.
    Pleased to see that the lawn finally got mowed after all the heavy and busy traffic it has had to endure over the last couple of months.
    Reckon that Paul's 4x4 knows only to well it's way down to the recycling centre by now.
    It's wonderful to see just how your Church's garden open day has spurred you two on to get all these things done in time... and which will then allow you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the Summer in it.

    1. Cutting the lawn always makes the garden look instantly better! I am sure Paul's car could make the journey on it's own and I would let it , if it could dump all the things once it arrived and come back empty!
      Loking forward to a restful weekend soon!

  2. It looks just beautiful Dee, well done you two, you've really done a fine job and quickly too :) And yes, all worth it in the end.
    It will be really nice to just relax and enjoy it all yourselves once the open day is over with.

    1. Thanks Sharon, we are looking forward to a weekend off soon! :)xx