Wednesday, 17 June 2015


First a couple of photo's of the garden looking nice now the sun's decided to put in an appearance.

The Jasmine clinging to the arched gate.

More roses on the Cloisters.

 It ws interesting how life's moved on in just six years. I said to Paul that not many people appeared to take photo's unlike last time but he said they had but they'd been using their phones instead of camera's! Also if someone asked the name of a plant , they would type the name , when told into their phones!

These Oriental Poppies were very popular with our visitors who wanted to know their name. They are Oriental Papaver Turkenlouis.

Their ragged petal's and black centres.

The Rambler Mannington Mauve was also a big hit.

This Himalayan Honeysuckle shrub with it's lime green leaves and red flowers was also popular.

This Trollius which looks more yellow than it actually is, was also popular.

The Lady Emma Hamilton rose was very popular for it's colour and it's lovely strong scent.

Jude the Obscure with is strongly scented was also a winner.

But then lots of the roses were popular with the visitors.

The formal box garden is getting more colour now.

The window box on the workshop is starting to fill with colour and leaf!

It will be interesting to see how much is in flower this Sunday 21st  June as that was the date of the last open gardens six years ago , I wonder how much difference that one week extra will make to the colour palette!



  1. A delight for the eyes!
    I'm sure there are many many people who'll be trying to copy your beautiful garden after seeing these super photos! :)

    1. You are too kind Sharon. I'm sure people will have taken an idea or two away with them and will then use them in their own special way :)xx

  2. Will be interesting to do a comparison of the open garden dates as a week at this time of year does make a huge difference with some of the flowerings.

    I have just had my two different Jasmin plants, that were in two containers on either side of bhe conservatory doors, moved into the actual garden boarders as they weren't producing the scented flowers that I had originally hoped for that would fill the air around the conservatory/patio with their delicious perfume. My gardener says I was too much of a romatic here!

    I have a positively beautiful yellowy/orange honey-suckle profusely flowering at the moment in my late mother's bungalow and I'm sure that the red, pink and black poppies will be in flower too as their buds were almost bursting at the seams when I was visiting there last week.

    1. My idea exactly, if I have time I will take the photo's again this Sunday to see what the borders look like one week later!
      That's a shame the Jasmin did not flower in that position.Maybe you could try with honeysuckle? they seems to flower in all sorts of places and will give you a lovely scent in the summer months.You should see if a little of the Honeysuckle in your late mothers garden has rooted itself around the base and then take that up and put in large pot by your doors.