Friday, 10 June 2016


The view from the front door.

from in front of  the front window.

The centre island bed

This small mock orange is always covered in flowers and is heavily scented.

Under the front window.

pretty red flowers

down the left side to the red smoke bush in the corner.

More of the centre island bed


The rose Lady of Shalott .

 a closer look.

Lady Emma Hamilton rose.

 The silver birch is heavy with catkins.

Pots at the front.

Rose The Pilgrim

Rose Alan Titchmarsh

Walking back towards the house on other side of Island bed.

The drive is on the left.


The Heuchera  in flower

Gladiolus Byzantinus

back to the top by the house.



Rose The Fighting Temeraire

Cornus Kousa China Girl, this plants been near to dying but we are hoping that it's finally settled in as this year it's had a lot of good strong leaf and these big white flowers.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing whats in flower in the front garden, it's looking very full so hopefully we will have a good show of colour through the summer.



  1. Oh, so lovely Dee and Paul. It is wonderful to have your garden a few weeks ahead of ours because of climatic conditions. it gives me such a boost to see what ours might look like soon - not that it will as it has been neglected by bruce in favour of the veg gardens and I can't cope with it all on my own, but a girl (aging crone!) can dream!
    How do you remember all the rose names, Dee? I'm useless at that - our roses are: the-lovely-pink-one-Hannah-bought-us, the-red-rambler-that-doesn't-bloom-too-well, the-yellow-one-you-know-the-ONLY-yellow-one -we-have, the-pink-climber-that Hywel-put-in-before-we-lived here-etc. Love them, but forget their names so easily.
    Off to return slugs and snails to the fields were they belong. After our first rain for ten days, they've ventured to Cafe Jenni to dnack on our plants!

    1. It's really come on in this last week between the sunshine and showers.I can remember quite a few of the names but if I cannot think of one Paul always knows! Maybe becuase most of them we bought ourselves, so don't have ,places or People associated with them.
      slugs and snails the gardeners pest!

  2. Can hardly believe just how this front garden has grown and blossomed over such a short period of time since it's re-construction just a few years ago.
    Love it's meandering shape and form and planting.

    1. Me either Kendal , It's so full this year I wonder how all the plants will manage, but I do love not being able to see the earth for leaves and flowers.

  3. Absolutely lovely, that is just how a garden should look in my eyes, all sorts of interesting things :)