Sunday, 19 June 2016


The Alpine bed.

We finished last Sunday needing more earth to fill the last part of the new Alpine bed and this photo above is where we will be getting that extra earth from.

I was hoping to keep the Rambling rose , Dorothy Perkins that is covering the trellis wall but unfortunately it had to go, which is a shame as it was about to flower but sometimes you just cannot wait for these things to happen.

So on Saturday Paul cleared this area so he could dig the trench that's needed here for another garden feature, so we could use the earth to fill the Alpine bed.

So the area was cleared and the earth taken.

Then today Sunday we made a trip to the garden centre to get some more grit to dress the beds with and also some John Innes no 3 to top dress them.

The last bed being filled.

Here the big stones been set in and the grit added to dress the top.


Then it was coming up to lunch time and all was finished.. or was it?....

The new larger bed was looking good but what about this small narrow bed on the left? we decided that it needed refreshing and maybe widening! May have helped to have made that decision sooner, so we went in for lunch.

After Lunch we removed the front wall of the narrow bed, Paul dug it over , I rebuilt wall further out and then we refilled it with earth, John Innes no3 and grit.

In the morning I'd also allowed Paul to cut a couple of the lower branches off the big red robin to allow more light to reach the Alpine beds.

The lower bed and the side bed are waiting for some new Alpines. We went on the internet and found a specialist Alpine nursery and ordered some plants.

The main bed.

The new side bed.

from the side.

From the patio.

so now just waiting for the new alpine plants.

This is what it was like last Saturday and

 and now.

last weekend

and now. A definite improvement I think.



  1. It looks great Dee, I love alpine gardens and rockeries...we had both in the UK and have a rockery here although the plants are very different to what we had in the UK! This time next year you won't be able to see any of the surface, the plants will have spread so well and look so nice....and I look forward to seeing the progress as they grow :)

    1. Thanks Sharon, don't alpine beds and rockeries bring another joy into the garden. I bet yours looks great in that Spanish sunshine :)
      It's already growing well! :)xx