Sunday, 5 June 2016


Today is lovely , after a week where's been extremely cold for June and we've even put the heating on in the evening for an hour or two, finally the weekend's come up trumps and it's gorgeous and warm.

So I took a couple of photo's of the garden to share.

The flower garden

flower garden

flower garden

The shade / damp garden

The jungle .. I mean tropical garden

more tropical

The Rhododendron/ wood land garden

looking back towards house from stone circle.

So being Sunday and being as it was lovely we decided to stop in at a little shop we know that sells old furniture, linen's china and garden objects , looking to see if they had any old terracotta pots.

They did, not overly old but different to the same old ones found in the garden centre, we bought six different sized pots of £8.50, two large, and a smaller one as seen in from above and then three flower pots but with just a rounded rim.

We also got this small tin bath for £14 which we will turn into an Alpine trough.

But of course we had to buy something totally unplanned!

This bust of Joan of Arc ! Paul spotted it and really liked it but her chin was a little grazed.

He then saw a different bust  which was much more detailed and defined but after some pros and cons , we decided to buy this one as I have never seen one of her before.

I love that she's wearing Armour !, so once home Paul decided to have a go at ageing her with moss!
So she's been coated and put into a shady spot to see if the moss will start to grow and hopefully define her features more.

I'm really pleased with this bust , we will take photo's of each stage as we try for that mossy look! and hope to report back in a month as to the results!.



  1. So sorry we Welsh folk stole the sunshine or the last couple of weeks! But it has brought the garden into full weed bloom. We are fighting off cleavers and buttercups but ooh, everything that SHOULD be there is coming along nicely too. It's been wonderful.

    Bit worried though. Paul wants to give that attractive bust a MOSSY look??? Is a certain bear aware that he is to be imortalised in stone???? Isn't he already just a tad full of himself? Won't this increase his, ahem, self-importance?!
    I think the young lady is very attractive and your garden is looking as wonderful as it does every summer. Like the pots too - we are a bit behind the times here ....... people think plastic the height of elegance, so it's hard to find much else. But then, there are vans touring the area offering to artex your ceilings and walls, whereas I have spent weeks on end in all the houses I have ever lived in as an adult, scraping the old fashioned, ugly stuff off. Perhaps it's me that is old fashioned?

  2. Like Jenann we here haven't had that cold dull weather that the South has been having and so unfortunately now our lawns are looking dry, brown (like a replica of them as they are in mid August after a long dry drought and hosepipe ban) and not so green and pleasant as they would be at the beginning of June.
    Adore the St Joan of Arc bust. (I'm sure that I have also heard of applying natural yogart to age garden statues/ornamenbts like this.)
    Might be a great addition to have a slightly 'religious room' as you already have many of the plants (Poppies, white (and red?) rRoses, Lilies, Thistles, Daffodils, Buttercups, Clovers, Dandelions and Daisies, Bullrushes? Carnations, Cherry, Cyprus, Hyacinths, Iris, Pansies and Jasmine?) associated with Christianity.