Friday, 24 June 2016


The jasmine is starting to cover the gate into the flower garden but I won't let Paul cut it back until it's flowered.

You can see the house garden through the gate.

The flower garden is looking full of colour.

 flower garden side one

side two

side three

side four

The centre of the flower garden.

The right hand side of Flower garden

The left hand side of flower garden.

Looking through the side of the covered bench.

the other side of same bench.

The cloisters

At the end of the Cloisters , the ferns been replaced by a Hosta to show up more.

a closer look.

View from the bench in the cloisters. ahead.

to the left.

to the right


 The stone trough by the studio.

Seen from above

The house garden

The Alpine bed finally planted up.

The side bed awaiting a small rock for the centre then the last two plants can go in.



  1. It's all looking really lovely Dee, you've both worked so hard on it and it shows :)

  2. It's all filled out beautifully. Particularly love the stone trough and the Cloister cobbles.
    Adore that sundial and the newly potted-up urn with the Hosta planting below.
    PS. What are the names of the plants in the pots placed around the sundial?

    1. Thank you Kendal, we do love the cloisters with it's cobbled walkway. The sundial was our 25th wedding anniversary present to ourselves nearly sixteen years ago now.
      The big red leaved plants are Canna's