Monday, 23 May 2016


and we have the week off, so today we stayed home and did some work on the garden.
Paul re-potted quite a few plants and also placed some into the borders.

Every year grass seeds get into the lines between the paving slabs and also the small brick path and it was the same over this winter, loads of grass had grown between the brick path that it was in danger of becoming an extension to the lawn!

So I set about removing the worse of it , then Paul got down and cut out the roots still caught between the cracks.

We then decided to put some fine chippings, we had some fine horticultural grit so used that, between the cracks in the hope that it would make it easier to pull out any grass that starts growing or discourage it for a while.

Paul brushes in the grit.

You can see at the top where we removed the grass and the gaps are now nice and clean.

Finished and with the grit now in the gaps, looking lovely and clean and tidy, hopefully this will work and save time every spring and autumn of digging a carpet of grass out!

We tidied up this corner and places some pots in a group.

The large pot on the right contains the Lemon tree which Paul cut back at the start of spring removing the branches caught by frost and reducing the size to give it a chance to renew it's self.

Some pots are already filling .

Paul planted up the hanging baskets with plants we;d grown on in the greenhouse.

 more of the beautiful Pink Rhododendron is flowering.

This corners filling .

 We re potted two french Lavenders that we received as a gift from a special friend to make sure they would survive and thrive through the coming summer months.

We are going to visit Kew Gardens this week... just hope we don't get too many idea's .. we are running out of space !!



  1. Lovely to see how you're doing in the garden, it really is a labour of love, isn't it! And is looking lovely. I'm glad you've had good weather this week so you can get things done whilst you're off work. The lavenders look good in those pots, I'm glad you liked them.

    1. It is, Paul does most of the labour and I love letting him! lol No I did do my share today. Those lavenders are lovely and much appreciated xxx