Friday, 27 May 2016


At the far end of the rock garden is the Davies Alpine House.
Inside are rare and unusual alpine plants in the arch shaped glasshouse, designed to recreate the cool, dry,windy conditions these plants favour. We just loved everything about this glasshouse.

A view from the side.

Peeking in from the rock garden waterfall area.

Viewed from outside.

We loved this alpine house.

Sweet pots of beautiful flowers.


more plants in pots.

Then it moves into a rock garden holding plants.



lovely plants falling over the rocks and more in sweet little pots.



Looking through .

We loved the Alpine house and have decided we will keep a few pots in our greenhouse and see what happens.

The info for this glasshouse.

A little group of stone troughs outside the far end of the Glasshouse.


So the list grows, Rock garden, natural stone waterfall and now some Alpines......


  1. Particularly loved the last photo with the stone troughs like we used to have at our old family house.
    Also being in the Pottery industry we often used to convert old clay 'saggers' (used to hold the pottery whilst it baked in the Bottle Kilns) into plant troughs like these.
    BTW there is a little pink flowered alpine called 'Ann-Kendal' (my name written backwards!) I did have a sample here at one time (but think that I might have lost it over the years) but know that my sister still has one over in her garden!

    1. I do love those little stone troughs, we have a small one here but a little group would be nice.
      I'll have to keep an eye open for your alpine !

  2. Sometimes I dream to cover our garden with a large glasshouse, because heavy rain, gale etc. make the garden a mess.

    1. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a dome , like in a football stadium that you could press a button and it covers your whole garden when you needed it but still let in the light! :)

  3. Now these particularly appeal to me, I love the alpine plants and the rocks that they've made the displays/rock gardens from. I have always liked rockeries and we have one here and also we had one in each of our last two houses in the UK. Here we have cacti and succulents but in the UK we did have alpine plants and both types are very nice on a rockery.
    I love this modern roof style of this green house too. Looks like you had a super day out at Kew.

    1. How great to have had one in each of your houses,we had one years ago but quite small and half hearted but now we would want a well made one with big natural stones.
      That roof's fab ,we did have a great day and really only touched the surface.xx