Sunday, 1 May 2016


Or more correctly Fern St .Ipp's. Today we thought we'd show you some of the ferns that are scattered around the garden and now starting to get their fronds.

I love how they appear to unfurl from the ground.

another with much different fronds

another starting to grow

This one is in a fern patch beside the Lych gate.

This one is the other side of the Lych gate in the boggy area.

another emerging.

I love this stage as they unfurl so tall,

yet another

another frond style


this one starts out red.


Paul decided to have a change this year and put fern's in the two stone planters.

I think they'll look good once they start to grow.

The second planer a different frond.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this looks over the coming months. We've also decided to put a fern in the large planter on the column at the end of the Cloisters but we need to go purchase one that's suitable first, so I'll share some photo's once it's been purchased and planted.



  1. Very nice and very green! I love the tall one, and they do look good in the planters, I hope they fair well in those :)

  2. I have to admit that I have never really paid much attention to the Ferns until a few years ago when I did a small photoshoot on one of the dry stone walls that my late mother laid down both sides of her driveway...(although unfortunately the resulting pictures cast a greenish hue on the dolls that wasn't so successful.)
    Now having viewed this post I might well have a re-think on the Fern question/situation with maybe buying one...the only disadvantage for me and my tiny garden is that they are not evergreens and therefore would leave a gap over the Winter months, something that I'm personally not that keen on... BUT 'we'll see what we shall see' and maybe one might appear in the not too distant future.