Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I had a walk round the garden with the camera to see what's happening.

Paul's checked the next weeks forecast for the weather where we live and decided it would be safe to bring out some of the pots of plants that have over wintered in various places.

So we now have a row of Agapanthus pots along the edge of the Cloisters.

He'll be needing a fair bit of fleece if the weather changes!.

the damp garden

One of the yellow Crown Imperial's is already strutting it's stuff.

Mabel our adopted cat believes this should be one of her spots!

But then again this pile of straw seems an ideal place to while away a few hours !

Billy Bob whose spent the winter sheltering under the Lych Gate is getting anxious to find a spot in the garden before Paul fills them all with plants!

The view to the tropical area from the Lych Gate.

The plants have spent the winter settling in and are now starting to grow and fill out.

Saturday Paul cut the grass in the flower and house garden, so it's all looking nice and tidy

Even Hamish the Westie's had a 'cut'!

The new deeper part of the house garden border is starting to fill out.

We went and bought the fern for the stone urn.

I purchased this stone urn with money and vouchers I received for my 50th birthday , it was money well spent.

What's  this? ...

Mmm  it appears that Billy Bob's got fed up with waiting and decided to find a place himself!

Now just hope we don't have to rush round covering pots or putting them back undercover !


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  1. Such a lovely post, Dee. I'd be inspired if I had the energy -hee hee.
    Poor Billy-Bob, I bet he's anxious to shift Mabel off that pile of straw and take his first summer snack!