Saturday, 21 May 2016


In back garden is also starting to get some lovely colour.

The deeper flower bed is filling up.

We moved this Rhododendron forward and it seems to like it's new position.

  a gorgeous pink.

in the flower garden a red well open with a egg yolk yellow Azalea at it's right side.

A mass of flowers

a little purple one in the opposite corner is beginning to bud.

The little stone urn's are full of colour.

The Hosta's are growing beautifully in their pots.

 A rose is open on this rambler.

Lots of new growth on the box in the formal garden.

The white Clematis Montana is growing well on the left and the Fig and Lime and Tangerine pots are back in place.

The shade garden is doing well.

and the ferns growing strong.

The Tropical garden is filling up.

a gorgeous purple Lilac is feeling the air with it's scent on the way round to the stone circle.

again the soft yellow of an Azalea with the deep purple of a Lilac giving a zing to the planting.

The Azalea

 a beautiful soft yellow.

nearby a pale lilac Rhododendron is starting to open.

another deep pink rhododendron starting to flower beside a large deep red one.

deep red.

Looking back from the stone circle into the garden.

another view of the Tropical garden.

Back through the flower garden, Billy Bob standing guard.

This corner of the house garden is filling nicely.

another pale lilac.

Looking back at the Magnolia Susan and the white bench.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what is in flower this last week of May and how the garden is starting to fill up ready hopefully for a blaze of colour in the coming months.



  1. Your garden is so beautiful with a lot of colours.
    Azalea, rhododendron are very popular in the southern part of Japan, and lilac is mainly grown in the northern part of Japan. I love all of them.

    1. Thank you Poirot, It's lovely this time of year as the plants start coming into flower and filling the garden with colour.

  2. Everything over at yours is certainly 'coming up roses' as the old saying goes.
    I'm trying to follow suit and starting to plant flowers in mine that will hopefully come up and blossom each year ...but guessing that it will be a long, slow process as funds are only allowing me to purchase one plant at a time, until the Sasha Dolls start to depart to new homes.
    My latest plant is a silver leaf white Foxglove which will hopefully get planted later this week as still busy planting the Runner Beans for all the family to take and plant out at the end of this month (after the last frost.)

    1. It's all starting to happen here. If I'd know , I would have bought some perennials along with me to the weekend and you could have used them for your garden, we are always splitting plants as they get too big.

  3. It looks lovely Dee, an absolute riot of colour as they say. I love all the different areas and types of plants.
    All the hard work certainly does pay off, doesn't it!

    1. Thanks Sharon, It's starting to fill out and flower.
      and yes all Paul's hard work does pay off :) xx

  4. Thank you, dear Dee and Paul. Your beautiful garden is an inspiration. Ours is a little behind in blooming but far in advance of yours in weed production....Think I'll mosey on down to supervise everybody else doing some garden maintainance.......

    1. You are welcome Jenni :) I'm sure ours is well on in the weed production stakes, it's just that all the flower production helps to hide them until they foolishly put their heads up to high! I find supervision to be my best asset! :)