Friday, 25 September 2015


Well the plants that Paul bought did! Paul had bought a Yucca Jewel which we'd seen while eating lunch in their greenhouse cafe area and due to the size it needed to be delivered.

Once home he decided that he'd ask if he could have another couple of plants added to the crate that it would arrive in!

So on Thursday they arrived.

the crate

out of the crate

First up is this little Yucca Rostrata which can stay in the ground..

then we have

This is the Yucca Jewel which we have put for the moment near the greenhouse because it will need winter protection.

It's over six foot high with a spread of about four foot and will look fabulous in Paul tropical area next year.

a close of the plant.

Now we'd seen another plant Paul wanted, so when he phoned to have it added to the delivery I told him to ask them for the biggest he could get for the price ! and we were blown away when this plant arrived because it looks about two foot taller than we expected , not that we are complaining! We think it's fabulous service !

It about seven foot with lots of palms and three lovely trunks, because this is hardy Paul will be able to plant it in the back of his Tropical border to make a nice statement.

From the other side, the sun was shining so the photo's a little blurred.
It's a Trachycarpus Fortunei.

So Paul will be doing some planting this weekend , weather permitting!



  1. Bet that Paul's in Tropical Heaven at the moment! What a HUGE haul of plants to arrive in one swoop! Love how they come 'crated!'
    (Dare I ask how they compare in price with our Sasha Dolls??? NO, perhaps on second thoughts I'd better not! I'll just leave it to my imagination!)
    I fondly remember my indoor Yukka plant which was just too big to move into the bungalow with me so went off to grace the large and impressive reception area of a medical waiting room.
    Hope that the weekend's weather allows Paul to have a little outside plant-play!

    1. He certainly is Kendal! Especially when they sent the enormous green plant! Not as expensive as a 60's Sasha but slightly more than an 80's one!!

      His Yucca onely just fits in the greenhouse! Don't know what he'll do if it puts a lot of growth on next year!! Hope he does not decide it will need to come indoors then!!! :)

  2. Lovely new plants! You're getting more and more plants like we have here in our garden! Fortunately though, we don't have to 'over winter' them as they remain in the ground all year far so good, although as you know we did have a night of snow about 3 years ago. I love these types of plants though, any tropical suits me down to the ground :)

    1. I think he's hoping if he gets the plants he'll get the weather!!! :) Please do NOT mention the S word... I still have a Winter to get through... :)xx

  3. What gorgeous plants they are!

    1. Thank you Poirot, Paul is extremely happy to have them for the garden ! :)