Saturday, 19 September 2015


Long double borders filled with flowers.


a sneaky peek through the conservatory window.

Looking out from the patio in front of the conservatory windows , in the distance you can see a brick built summer house.

Partway up the walk to the summerhouse looking back at the house.

Getting closer

Again looking back towards the house.

The summerhouse.

A glimpse inside where some comfortable chairs and a table await any visitor.

On the other side of the summerhouse you come into another garden area.

 The ground here was covered with gravel.

On the far side of the summerhouse you can see all the planting of this garden area, through the doorway you can see the house in the distance.

Looking from the summerhouse the line continues onward.

Again looking back to the summerhouse, a chair sits waiting for a visitor or gardener to take a rest and look at their wonderful surroundings.

You can see the steps marking each level of this garden with borders of plants sweeping away on each side.
I sat on a bench outside the summerhouse while Paul went off to look at the dry garden which is just off to one side.

The rock strewn ground of the dry garden



We'll take another break here and part three the final photos will be in the next post.



  1. That is a lovely place Dee, a nice day out I'm sure!
    Hugs SHaron xxx

  2. Wishing that I had such a fantastic view from my conservatory!
    Adore those stones in the dry area.

    I am always toying with the idea of replacing my back lawn with bricks or gravel but have to remember that it's so much more easier to get the millions of Sycamore leaves that fall in October to December from that huge tree at the bottom off the grass than from hardcore.

    Loving all those beautifully clipped hedges that are dividing the different areas. Bet that, that must be a full time job in itself!
    Smart box hedging too helping to contain those side boarders.

    1. Me Too Kendal !
      You could always pave part of your garden and sweep up the leaves?
      The hedges are lovely but you need a full time gardener I would imagine just to keep up with them never mind everything else!!