Friday, 18 September 2015


Well the weather was lovely and dry! So after visiting Urban Jungle a nursery near Norwich we traveled on to once again see what had been happening in the beautiful gardens of East Ruston Old Vicarage.

 Walking in past these beautiful Hydrangea bushes.

This gorgeous classic Rolls Royce was waiting to be taken out for a spin.

One of the first garden area's you come to along the side of the house


The front door.

A greenhouse beside the house with an abundance of plants in pots and a bench tucked into the corner.

This area of the patio was flowered with pots filled with flowers.


French doors hidden by the towering flower displays.

Box filled with pinks and lilacs.

Peacock topiary sitting by some steps back to the patio.

A double line of yew cones leading away from the house.

A massive palm taking your eye to the end.

One of my favourite area's in this garden this leads away from the house , you can just see the opening in the hedge to entice you onwards.

in the middle of a beautiful deep border sides this little arched seating area , with it's topiary watering can and bucket.

amazingly we had just bought one of these towering plants at Urban Jungle and Paul is standing beside it because it's called Paulownia!!

Looking back towards the house and the conservatory.

The Aviary

pass the gate to the Garage area

A sunny spot filled with pots .


The flower filled bench in another glasshouse at the side of the patio.

In the walled garden is this wonderful corner in which a small room as been built.

It beckons you in, it's entrance covered with a beautiful purple bell like flower.

A lovely Fuchsia in a terracotta pots stands proudly on a pot stand.

A driftwood table and comfortable chairs await. This I would love to have here in the village.

This is the flower that covered the walls outside the room

The room viewed from outside the walled garden.

Further round the wall outside was another building.

These odd looking pods were on a plant outside it.

Another greenhouse tucked away.

 another flower bed with a large pot beside to add height.

These  hedged flower bays were new to the last time we visited.

I loved the black/purple planting between the hedge and the box balls.

 Behind one of the hedges was a circle hut of stacked wood!

another little design feature was this round of variegated box sitting on plain box.

 Well we took so many photo's as there is so much to see in these beautiful gardens that we'll stop here for today and do part two tomorrow.

Hope you have enjoyed the trip so far.



  1. It certainly is a lovely place, so many different plants!
    Love that Rolls!

    1. It is a beautiful place full of lots of lovely plants, and that rolls is just my kinda car !xxx