Saturday, 19 September 2015


These are the final photo's of our visit.

A sculpture of a giant seed head.

I love this glimpse of the door to the summerhouse.

Another garden area with a pond to the centre

The stairs leading down into it.

On the other side of which was a water feature with pond.This garden leads you to

This garden with a large fountain .

lots of oranges and yellows.


lots of Dahlia's around the gardens.






We have a couple of these plants at home but have never yet managed to get them to look this good.

Definitely going to have to get these wonderful flowers to work in our garden!


Walking back towards the side of the house , your eye being drawn again into the distance.


Then back front to the front


Lots of Aeonium in this garden, planted in the ground, they must either cover them or dig them up and over winter them in the greenhouses.


So our visit was over ! All apart from a visit to the tea rooms for afternoon tea and then a purchase or two from the plants sales area!

If you ever get the chance to visit this garden, you will not be disappointed. It's a wonderful space full of differing area's and although the planting due to the size is on a grand and abundant scale, there are idea's and area's that you could take home to your own little patch and make your own.

For me? Well I'm working on finding a place for a nice brick build room like the one in the corner of the walled garden..... now I just need the space and a willing builder...... Paul !


We would like to thank the gentlemen who own East Ruston Old Vicarage in  Norfolk, for opening their magnificent garden to the public in the afternoon's and allowing us to wander round and sit and enjoy such wonderful plantings and space and to see what changes have been made and plans that are beginning to emerge. If we lived down the road we'd visit more often .


  1. What a truly beautiful afternoon you two must have had wandering through all these most interesting 'garden rooms' with their wonderful plantings. Just don't know which area/part I could choose as being my very best here.

    Unusual seed head sculpture situated in the tree lined pathway to the Summer house.

    Love too the two sets of steps with the pond and water feature inbetween leading down to the sunken garden below.

    Like the idea of the planting in front of that covered seating creating a little path to it. Might try to use this idea leading to my ivy covered seating here at the back by extending my shrub boarders slightly out more to the front to create a short path to reach the wrought iron bench.

    Adore those two potted trees heralding the door to that little resting/viewing room with the rustic table in it.

  2. We did indeed Kendal it was a lovely afternoon.
    Sounds like a good idea to create a path to your lovely sitting area, or you could extend the borders either side and plant them to form a screen , so you only see the bench as you go over towards the right hand side of your garden and having the bench appear from behind the screen.just a thought!
    Kendal The whole place is full of wonderful things to inspire! :)