Friday, 11 September 2015


Well you have heard of Musical chairs ? In our garden we have musical plants! No they do not play instruments but they do get moved round the garden, when we feel they are not in the right position or they are not doing well in a position.

Today Paul decided to start the autumn game of musical plants, moving/ removing one plant to site another from somewhere else in the garden into that ones place.There is always a loser or two , who will have grown too big to transplant so will be removed and taken away.

This was the start, Paul cut back a large lilac at the very back of the garden on the raised bed.

 So from the Lych gate you could now see a path to the side of the green house! A couple of other very tall plants were removed.

Paul cleared this whole patch digging up plants to divide and at the same time taking out the roots of the nettles that forever grow in this bed.

A few days back Paul had cut down a Buddliea  that we'd let grow almost to a tree! This area we are going to replant later next week but the Phormium Yellow Wave, which you can see in the centre of this photo we planned to move to the raised bed.

More of the area Paul dug over.

The man himself at work!

Paul took this Rhododendron, the one with the bright green leaves, from up in the house garden because it was not doing well, so it's now placed between another red Rhododendron  and the white Hydrangea. The small white Rhododendron that was here was moved further along this shady bed toward the curve.

Here the Phormium is now in place and beside it is a pale pink Azalea that was in a pot by the front door but needed to go into the ground.

 This is the Azalea now sitting between the Phormium and the white Rhododendron from further down. day lilies have been split and replanted in front.

So the big plants are now in , having been moved around the garden.

The stump from the Buddlea still needs removing and the area digging over before a couple of evergreen hollies are planted to help give some privacy in front of the trellis.

Now you can see the Phormium from the Lych gate filling in the 'path' that had appeared while Paul worked.

The Sorbus  is covered in so many berries it's making the tree branches bend, the bird will be happy !

The Agapanthus are still in colour !

Well as usual we could not resist these Kniphofia which had been reduced at the garden centre!

So still some plants to move about, now some gaps that need to be filled which no doubt will result in yet move moving and redesigning but that's what gardening's all about, a true gardener is always tinkering!! 



  1. It seems that Paul's work as a gardener is never done then!
    I don't think that I'd have the patience to do all that 'plant musical chairing!' Here it's a case of when a plant's in, it's in and there it has to stay whether it likes it or not!

  2. Poor fellow, he doesn't know which way to turn!
    I'm with Kendal, we rarely move ours once they're established!
    It's looking very nice though.