Sunday, 28 September 2014


Today Paul decided to clear part of the raised bed at the end of the garden and plant his grasses.
We have not split any of the plants in this bed for a good few years, so it is beginning to look overgrown and out of control.

On the way down to take the photo's I came across Mabel the lodger cat sunning herself on a pile of dried weeding, I don't think the ducks were too happy about it!

Paul had already made a start.

There were plenty of nettles plus the Geraniums have taken over quite a bit due to not being split in previous years.

This area will need sorting also over the next few months.

This Acer leaves are turning a beautiful red.

Lots of Apples on the Cider Apple tree.

Last weeks work is looking good

This side shadier but also looking good.

Yet more leaves turning red.

Yesterday Paul finished digging up the Roses and Clematis from this bed. It is amazing how open it now looks when you walk out the door of the house that's to the right hand side.I am really looking forward to having this building taken down and seeing the space opened up!

Here the raised bed area has been cleared and the grasses along with the green Banana have been positioned and planted.

From the side, Paul moved a formium with red leaves from the front garden to this area to add a splash of colour.

This space will need to be sorted out next weekend if the weather holds good.

This Orange Abutilon is still give some colour it the Cloisters.

When we put the new fencing up I took a few photo's from the neighbours side, shown above.

He spent a big part of this year levelling the ground and then relaying the lawn.

I thought you like to see the length of our garden if it was not split into rooms and different levels, our neighbours garden is narrow than ours we have about another ten foot in width up by the house going down to about another six foot wider at the bottom. Also from this position there is about another 25 ft of garden behind me! Ours must look like a jungle compared to this!!


  1. Your garden is changing dramatically. I am looking forward to pictures next season.

    1. Yes it will hopefully have a good new look from the planting and Patio for next year!

  2. Looking good Dee and Paul! But I do think you have a bit of a task ahead of you over the next few months.....gotta get that garden looking good for the Sasha photos ;)

    1. Yes it will take us a good six months to get the changes done but It will hopefully look better at the end of it!

  3. Was most interested to see, via the neighbour's garden, just how long yours actually is without the room divisions...... but there's is nowhere near as delightful, charming or as interesting as your's is.

    Smart new fencing (are you going to continue it right down to the bottom?) and can now see the flat laid terracotta bricks between the lawn and newly diagonally laid grey brick edging to allow for the lawn mower to cut right up to the lawn's edge.

    Everything's looking a little on the dry side at the moment so guessing that a little overnight rain might be a good thing to save all the hose-piping of water that will be needed to settle in the new grasses.

    Do you ever make any cider from these apples?
    Love the way the lodger cat looks as if she is sitting in the duck's nest keeping their eggs warm whilst the ducks head off in search of food and water.

    Removing your brick 'out-house' will certainly give you so much more space for your newly planned courtyard garden.

    1. That side of the garden is actually ment to be fenced by next door, but the people before us did some of it on our land, so we have replaced that fencing, If next door decides he wants to fence the rest up against our trellis he is welcome.
      We are hoping to re fence our side over the next few years so it will be easier to replace when we are older!
      We have had plenty of rain today to water it all in!
      Paul does indeed make Cider from the apples, he even as a press!!
      I am really looking forward to seeing that out house gone, I think it will look so big on the patio then!