Monday, 15 September 2014


Well having been away and had a lovely rest we have come home full of energy to get things done in the house and garden.

The weathers been lovely so, Paul's been out in the garden, cutting back, taking out and planting up!!

Paul's removed a lot of the geraniums that were taking over this flower bed and moved a rhododendron from another part of the garden where it was not doing so well and put it in the centre back it has lovely lilac flowers. To the side we have put a white anemone , then various other plants in a palette of  reds, pinks and white.

This bed he did yesterday, so today he started on the one opposite , which will have a colour palette of Yellow, Orange and red.

this one is still a work in progress but you can see some yellow and orange Helenium waiting to be placed, plus some lovely yellow Crocosmia .

This is the bag of garden waste that we will take to the recycling centre once we have filled it!

This part of the garden Paul cleared some over grown plants from before we went away and the plants are looking much happier with the space now available.

Well I have also been working in the garden, cutting back a lovely big Jasmine that unfortunately was on a fence panel that needs to be replaced. I was hoping to cut it back and move it over once the panel had been replaced but it was so big it was three foot off the fence and had a one foot by 6 foot piece of old trellis that had at some time sat on top of the fence now tangled in the growth!
So it all had to come out!

This is the jasmine !!!

Another view of the pile that we took to the recycling centre!!

We can now get to the fence panel on the left to replace it, we may build a wall where the one on the right is as we are going to take away the little brick outhouse/shed that it touches and build the wall to link it to another wall that stands on the other side.

You can see the outhouse/shed here, we have cut back all the roses and clematis that were growing out of control and standing a good three foot above the roof line! And poor old Neptune was buried under all the stems and leaves. You can see the wall on the right that we want to join to once this building's been removed.It's been surprising how much light is now getting into the french doors that these plants were to the side of! Just goes to show that you do not realise when things are cutting out the light because it happens over several years and is in a place that you would not think would cause loss of light!

We are in complete restyling mood and the Roses and Clematis are going to be removed and got rid of , as we have nowhere else for them in the garden.

I have also removed the rose that for years was between the two French doors sets. It was a beautiful rose but did not stand up well to rain, which would destroy the blooms, plus again it was getting too big for its place growing through the guttering if not kept in check! So it's gone and Paul wants to put a fig in it's place and we are going to move dear old Neptune to this wall so he can see what's going on and have a lovely trailing Sedum for a hat!

So it's all at least happening in the garden! Idea's are coming while we are working and others yet to be discussed, so looks like the garden next year will have a very different look up by the back of the house!!



  1. It's certainly all systems go down there. How on earth did you get all that garden waste into Paul's 4x4 to get it to the recycling centre?

    I often think that we don't notice just how fast and huge some of these plants, especially the climbers, grow and as you say it's only when you return from a holiday that it really hits you.

    My tiny garden is experiencing the very same thing. Big pruning sessions are about to commence here in the next few weeks after the new back fencing panels have been put in, and especially in the front boarder between the bungalow and front lawn which is once again needing to be cleared out completely and replanted from scratch.

    Like how you are planning to have a Spring and an Autumnal border in one of the 'rooms' .....taking the idea from your visit to the recent Yorkshire Gardens.
    Shame though that you're not able to salvage your lovely Jasmine. Must be rather heart breaking for keen gardeners like you and Paul to have to get rid of some of your treasured plants due to lack of space.
    Any of mine that are worth saving are going to go to either my late mother's house or my sister's small holding to help fill in their much larger boarders.

    Hope that this perfect weather holds out for you to continue this good work.

    1. It's amazing how much you can fit into a car if you really try!! We have already made two trips and I can see us having to make at least another two by the end of the week!
      Our borders will be planted to hopefully last from spring until late autumn , I am quite happy for them to rest through winter with only the odd piece of colour here or there because I'll be inside keeping warm!!
      That is the thing with gardening sometimes you have to give up a few cherished plants to gain a new design which hopefully in time will give one new plants to cherish!
      I too hope the weather can last long enough for the bulk of this cutting and replanting to take place!

  2. It's a big reforming of your garden.
    Indeed we need to cut over-grown plants, and I am planning to cut a tall tree to make a kitchen garden get more sunshine.
    Keeping a garden not to change is a mission impossible:-)

    1. Yes I think that Gardeners always after a good few years decide that things need to change and it appears that we are going through that stage!.
      Good luck with cutting back your tall tree, the sunshine will be good for the kitchen garden and well worth the work.
      I agree a garden is always changing :)

  3. Oh WOW you have both been very busy since getting back from your holiday, you'll need another two weeks off to recover from all this work!
    But it'll all look lovely again very soon I'm sure, plants never take long to recover, do they? As for the Jasmine, will you replace it with another one do you think? We have a Jasmine here at the coast and the smell of it's flowers on warm summer nights is just amazing. The locals reckon that it keeps away mosquitos and flies, and elderly Spaniards can be seen with a bunch of the flowers pinned to their lapels, I have no idea if it works though, but I do enjoy the smell of it.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Ah If only we could have another two weeks holiday! But then we may just land up working through it as there is always something that needs doing indoors or out!!

      We will replace the Jasmine, we have a cream coloured one that's not done too well where it is , so will transplant that once the new fence panels in. We are just waiting on our son in law, who is strong enough to move the heavy post to be available to help lift it in place!
      I did not know that about jasmine , I may try that trick out next year and see if it works!!
      hugs Dee xx