Saturday, 13 September 2014


We have just come back from a weeks holiday in North Yorkshire. While we were there we visited the Breezy Knees Garden and Nursery in Warthill. If you are ever in the area it is well worth a visit.

This post is photo heavy from the wonderful plants and garden.

You enter the garden down a long path with flower beds on both sides with plants that they are hoping are ones the rabbits won't like to eat! in the centre of the path are two of these beds shown above, in the centre is Nepeta surrounded by Persicaria.

We decided to take a photo of the name plate for each plant we wanted to remember, so the plates will appear after each plant.


Paul likes the grasses

We love this plant

The butterflies love it too!

The first garden we came to was the September garden, full of colour for Autumn days.

starting in with the vibrant yellows and oranges.

Orange Crocosmia , yellow Helianthus and Orange Kniphofia.

Red Dahlia , Crocosmia etc.

Bright red Dahlias


Purples, Pinks and Reds

A beautiful sea of autumn colour.

A dash of white

a gorgeous pink aster

The pinks and lilacs


Looking back towards the yellows and Oranges.

We left the September garden and walked into the summer gardens that still had a fair amount of colour in the very large borders.

We then came to the raised garden area

I loved the deep red of this sedium


Looking back into the raised garden

Back into yet more large borders

Large tall Rudbeckia

and  Helianthus Lemon Queen

A bed of Dahlias.

Yet more gorgeous colour.

And to end a giant pair of Wellington boots!

It is such a shame that this garden is over three hours away from us, it would be fantastic to visit each month to see what is in flower and catch the beds in the middle of their most vibrant summer colour.

We came away with ten plants from their nursery, it could have been so many more !!! We may have to do a summer visit next year with an empty car boot!!!

Hope you enjoyed this trip round only a part of these extensive gardens.



  1. What a perfect way to show these seasonal plants. So much easier to visualise than just in pots scattered around in a nursery. I too would have been tempted to have bought quite a few whilst there.

    I enjoyed seeing one of my recent purchases,the paler pink Sedium, in situ there, both in the raised and non raised boarders, and have had the orange Crocosmia on my list for some time now but need to start to widen my boarders first.

    I am loving the Euonymus, maximiowiczianus shrub with it's red berries and pinky-red leaves and have just been out to inspect one of my shrubs with it's red stems to see if it was a Eupatorium, Baby Joe, and it is.....although still in a much smaller size.

    What fun those giant 'Wellies' are!
    (Naughty Paul though cutting off your's and Lindsey's heads in the very first photo.)
    Thanks for this enjoyable and enlightening visit.

    1. Yes Kendal, it's the perfect way to show off these plants. The September garden was so colourful so late in the season and wonderful to walk round.Even the spring/summer beds had enough colour to be interesting but must look great when in season!
      I think Paul ten plants were plenty ! The problem is finding a place for them when you get back home!!
      And I think it's a case of Lindsey and me being in the wrong place rather than Paul cutting our heads off!!

  2. What a lovely place to visit Dee, glad you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing the photos with us.
    I know I have a cheek, but would it be possible to use a darker colour for your font? I don't know if anyone else has a problem but I can't see/read the captions on your photos because they blend may just be me, old age and all that, and if it is, please just ignore me! LOL
    I do love those big boots....the gardener must be The Jolly Green Giant you know!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. It is a lovely place to visit, glad you enjoyed the trip round with us, although we did not photograph all the garden area's.
      The problem with making the font darker means it will be harder to see against the black background and I do not really want to have to change the background.
      I'll see if anyone else is having trouble reading it.
      hugs Dee x

    2. Sorry to be so awkward! It must be that I'm getting old and my eyesight is going! LOL blimey though, I hope not!
      Hugs Sharon xx

  3. I really enjoy these photos. They are all stunning.

    1. Thank you Poirot, if you are ever in North Yorkshire it is well worth a visit. Dee

  4. Actually Dee, did you do something different to this post? Only I can see it all now!!! Maybe it was something wrong with our internet, it was all pale and I couldn't read anything....but today I revisited and I can!
    If you did, then thanks very much! If you didn't, then sorry about that, it must have been this end!
    Hugs Sharon xx

  5. No Sharon I did not change a thing! Must have been your end, glad it sorted it self out though!
    Hugs Dee xx