Wednesday, 17 September 2014


The dismantling of parts of the garden is continuing! Paul decided that he'd cut down all the rose on the rose arch. So that's what happened and then we made a trip to the recycling centre and this is what the arch looks like bare.

Again it's opened up the area and we did quite like this empty look just showing the shape BUT it's time for a change, so we continued onwards.

We moved two of the arch's over to the two sides considering whether to place them here but that idea is not going to work for what we want to do.

View from other side. We have left the trellis side up for the moment to stop the dogs from just walking into this area although thinking about it , they will probably just go round the other side!!

I'll try to explain what we are after doing. Having just spent the better part of an hour discussing how we hope to achieve it!.

Our aim is to give the large patio by the house the feel of a courtyard. We have considered building a brick wall either side of the end of the patio

Where I have placed the piece of board to show at what point the wall would be built, the middle archway being clear to walk through but either side cutting off the view.
We worked out the cost and the amount of work for this and decided that it would be too expensive especially if once it was up we did not like it!!

So after more discussion and working out, we have decided to go with a different option which we hope will achieve what we want.

I'm using these photo's of the holiday cottage garden to hopefully help you visualise what I mean.
We will use railway sleepers, new clean ones, not old one's like these that have oil etc on them and are not good to have around dogs and children.

We will build ours using them on edge to give us  height and fitting them together with metal rods in holes drilled through the sleepers.

We will have two raised beds either side of the opening  about two foot deep and eight foot long. The back's will be another foot or so higher and will possibly have some trellis above that, these beds will be filled with colourful planting.

Hopefully this will give us the feel of a courtyard without totally losing the garden beyond plus if we are not happy with the trellis or raised back for whatever reason we can just remove it, unlike an expensive brick wall!

So there you have it, the redesign of the patio area by the house.

Removal of the brick outhouse after it's been cleared out, the electric cut off and re positioned and the freezers been found a home indoors.Removal of the fish pond, a shame but there are only four fish left at present, so we will find them a good home or maybe set up a smaller pond somewhere else in the garden.

 Building of two long raised beds with higher backs .Hopefully this will be done over the coming autumn winter months.Then in the new year we will have to decide what paving we want for the patio because the existing paving is well past it's prime and cracking and just plain ugly!!

We will put photo's of our progress on , so that you can follow along with us this redesign.Now we need to buy some sleepers!!



  1. Rather sorry to see that rose arch now dismantled..... BUT I do love courtyard gardens...... and would like one for myself on the line of Gillian Nash's.... but lack the necessary funds at the moment.

    Where will the brick out-house now be re-located? A shame really as it matches the house's structure and roof tiles and I'm sure that it must have been a useful storage space being so close to the back of the house..... but guessing that it does occupy quite a lot of room in this area.

    Will be watching this space over the coming Winter months to see the progression of this latest new design.

    1. It is sad but necessary for the redesign of the space and we are always willing to chop and change until it's just right!
      The brick out house will be gone! It was a useful storage space but there is useful and then there is leave it there because we may need it and it's still there 8 years later!!! So it going!, The people before us who built the extension were going to knock it down but for some reason did not!
      You will see a before and after photo once we get to that stage and I'll sure you'll see why it needed to go! :)

  2. WOW, a complete change, you are going to be very busy in the coming months, but it'll be lovely and by the spring, well you'll be all ready to enjoy it all again!!
    I like courtyard and walled gardens, they're lovely, but unless the walls mark a boundary, it's definitely very expensive to go down that route. I think your idea will work very well and still give a pleasing effect!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Yes Sharon a complete redesign of the area closest to the house. It will be great if we can achieve a feel of a courtyard once it's all been changed about.
      Cannot wait to get knocking that out house down!! :)
      hugs Dee xx