Friday, 9 May 2014


At the moment.
I thought I would update with a couple of photo's of what's flowering in the garden while I sort out the photo's for the next part of the foundation of the garden.

This dwarf rhododendron is full of beautiful pink flowers in the front garden, we will have to make sure that the geranium behind does not swamp it.

This lovely deep rich red Clematis is blooming on it's obelisk in the centre of the front garden.

This is clematis Westerplatte , a small compact grower and will flower in early summer and then again in late summer.

These white Camassia are starting to flower, these are bulbs which come in both white and blue, we have some blue elsewhere in the front garden.

We love the Alliums and have lots in the garden, these along the side of the drive are starting to show their beautiful purple flowers.

This lovely Azalea which we purchased last year to stand beside the front door is starting to show it's peachy blooms.

A closer look at one of the blooms. There is a yellow one that's stands on the other size of the front door but the blooms  are not opening yet.
These plants like some shade and protection.

This beautiful Azalea is the first one we bought a few years ago and it has thrived in this spot beside the back of the house and the outbuilding which helps to shelter it.I love the shape of these shrubs, the openness of the branches which allow you to see beyond.Although you only get this one blaze of beauty for a few weeks the shape and openness of the plant still makes this a shrub worth having around.

Down the very end of the garden the Lilac's are in full show.

Here you can see the white Lilac on the left. In the foreground are some bearded Iris's that are budding up and should open soon and you can just make out the cobbled path that leads to the shaded seating area.

It's amazing how quick everything is now growing getting ready to burst in glorious bloom!.


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