Saturday, 3 May 2014


WELCOME to our blog about our English Village Garden. We have lived in this house for nine years and are now in the tenth. One of the main things that sold the house to us was the 150 ft long by 30 ft narrowing down to 23 ft at the end Garden.

When we viewed the house the owners were away and the estate agent had not yet arrived but the young lady who was house sitting let us in and told us to have a look round. We had viewed the house and then entered the back garden.

It's very hard to imagine what 150 ft of garden is and as we walked down a straight garden path that lead from the patio to the end of the garden we grew more and more excited. The owners had only used the part closest to the house and had placed a three foot high fence with gate across the width about 50 ft or so down front the house to contain their dogs. The rest of the garden was pretty much left to it's own devices with them just maintaining the grass. At the very end were several large trees that formed the boundary with an opening to one side which allowed you out onto the Village recreation ground.

We took all this in as we wandered alone around the garden, slowly making our way back to the gate nearer to the house, where we were met by the young estate agent, we had already decided that this was the garden.. I mean house for us!!

We are , my husband and I , gardening enthusiast's. we have no formal training, have taken no courses, attended no lectures, we are just people who love plants and gardens.

Having previously lived in a lovely Edwardian house in a town which only had a small garden of some 40 ft by 20ft, you may be somewhat surprised that when we moved, we had to arrange with the people we were buying from to have our plants and garden items delivered a few days before the main removal day. This required a full sized removal lorry which was full from front to back!

And so it was that in March 2005 we arrived.


  1. ooh I appear to be the first - well congratulations Dee and Paul, this is a lovely idea and you have such a lovely garden. Looking forward to lots of interesting pictures and plants. Ronnie x

    1. Thanks Ronnie. Hope you enjoy seeing what we have done and the changes we have made so far .
      Dee & Paul xx