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Like in all things, good bones will out! So when making a garden you need to lay down your 'bones' ie the hard landscaping etc that you will build your garden round.
And these are the photo's of the next stage of the garden showing more of the bones being put in place!.

This photo shows a view of the back of the house from what we call the flower garden, the gate adds interest but also keeps the dogs from being able to run unsupervised through the flower beds. You can see the trellis in place forming the 'wall'.

To the right you can see one of the cover garden seats which is now stained in Lavender and white , you can also see that the original path still runs across the new layout. This we would remove and fill in with grass.The seats are standing on concrete bases.

This bench stands directly opposite it's twin , in the centre of the flower garden is now a round paved circle on which sits a stone column on which sits a sundial that we bought ourselves for our 25th wedding anniversary.

Taking the view towards the back of the garden you can see the next trellis wall forming the other side of the flower garden. You can also see the workshop we had built. The garden was level from front to back apart from a raised area at the very back of the garden. So to add a change ion level we had the base for the workshop laid on top of the ground, then paved the area in front therefore raising the area to form a step up onto and then down off of in another place.

The garden is on a hill, so does run over to one side not as much as appears in the photo but it does drop away slightly to the right of the photo.The paving we used is called Rectory and is  grey, mixed in are granite sets to break up the area. The two gargoyles came with us from other previous home, so over time this area  become known as the Cloisters!
Our aim with the garden layout from the start was not to be able to walk or see from one end of the garden to the other, to move you round the garden through different 'room'. So the workshop and paved area covers one half of this part of the garden.

That left the area to the side of the Cloisters , we decided to put in a  Parterre. Here you can see where we have leveled the ground and placed some wood to from the area for planting.The garden drops away quite a bit in this area, so photo's will always show a slope to the left.

Our neighbors had three foot fence panels that had seen better days, so we fence against it with six foot trellis to allow for climbing plants to over time give us some privacy.

This photo is taken looking back towards the house , so the workshop is on the right and we have left a space half way along the cloisters to turn and step down into this area. Using 4x4 fence posts we made a barrier on which to grow roses.

Next we put down a membrane to suppress weeds and covered the area in pea shingle, bags and bags of the stuff! To the side against the Cloisters we planted a row of lavender with a Box cone at the end where you step down.

Next we place a Box cone in each corner to give some height .

Then we infilled with the box the design we had decided on.

Seen from the Cloisters.At the top on the right you can see some espalier apple trees we planted against the trellis.

another view.

The view of the flower garden looking over towards the now formed Parterre .

This photo shows the other end of the Parterre , this leads into the last fifty or so foot of the garden.

You can see that this area was pretty much a wilderness that had been left to seed and used by the previous owners as a dumping ground.

There was a raised bed that went to the very back boundary which was left open with just a row of trees and a few bushes, beyond this is the Village recreation ground.

To stop peoples dogs just wandering into the garden we placed a fence panel across the path until we could sort out about erecting a proper fence and gate.having two Westie's we did not want them disappearing into the distance but it did happen a few times, that Paul had to search the Village for two or three dogs( when my daughter's Westie was also here), he lands up carrying two home with a third following behind!

A last photo from the raised weed covered area at the rear looking back towards the trellis and apple trees.
We reached this place in the first year so we stopped and concentrated on the house.

Tomorrow I will add the photo's of the next work on  the garden.


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