Saturday, 3 May 2014

MAY 2005

Not expecting to make a blog about our garden we did not take lots of before and after photo's but do have a rough record of things that were done in the garden.
My daughter Lindsey took these photo's when she came to visit in early May 2005.

Luckily for us she took a photo out of an upstairs window, which shows us preparing to split the first part of the garden.
Starting at the bottom left you can see a the existing pergola which is attached to the back of a wooden workshop which the trellis is leaning against. This workshop turned out to have a massive hole in the side so had to be removed
.Ahead is the 3 ft fencing that crossed the garden to stop the previous owners dogs from escaping out of the open back boundary.the garden continues up into the tree line at the back.

You may just have noticed a few plants waiting on the patio to be put into the garden !.

This photo shows the area we are about to section off to become what we call the flower garden.We also have dogs, two west highland white terriers, called Hamish and Isabel or Izzy for short.
We did not want them running through the flower borders, so we decided to section the garden into rooms, which eventually were given names, this one the flower garden.

From here you can see over the fence to the opening that leads onto the village recreation ground. The greenhouse was no good so would be dismantled and put into a skip. just over the fence you can see some piles of wood, this was from an enormous shed that had carpet tacked to the walls, that the previous owners sons had used for band practice but again this was rotting and had to be destroyed and half was burnt after the first half filled a skip all on it's own it was that big!!
Behind the crab apple tree  is a new shed that we had bought and erected beside which is a concrete path that ran from the back of the garden to the house in one straight line.

If you look carefully you can make out Paul by the fence getting ready to put in a metpost , to take the 3 x 3 wooden post to hold the 6ft trellis panels that we decided to use to split the garden.The large white roofed item is one of two roofed benches we bought to sit each side of flower garden.

This photo shows you two panels of trellis already up and the two covered benches.The puppy is my daughter Lauren's Westie Archie. In the centre stands a sundial which we bought several years earlier for our twenty fifth wedding anniversary while on a visit to Boscastle in Cornwall.

Last is a photo of part of the patio showing the pergola with the back of the workshop and a few item's ready for the garden.

Looking back at these photo's shows how big and open the garden was ! Did we spoil it by carving it up? Would it have been better to have kept it wide open ? We don't think so and maybe over the course of the journey we are going to take you on , you be able to decide what you think.


Almost forgot to put on this photo of the front garden taken from the front window.This garden's also changed over the years and details will also be shown here.

A large lawn with an over grown front border trees lining the drive to the house and no fence between us and next door on the left.


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  1. A Comment from Gill

    I can't believe how different your garden looked at the beginning. I actually wouldn't have recognised it!

    Gill xx