Sunday, 29 April 2018


With the weather! after our first decent weekend of the year last week, this weekend is like mid winter! Cold , rain and damp ! And it's nearly MAY!

Saturday all the bags of ballast were waiting for some dry weather , so Paul could lay the concrete !

This  weather is not helping with getting the garden in good shape!

This was what it looked like at 9 am this morning Sunday, freezing, grey and overcast, rain in the air !
 Even Casper was not impressed!

By 1 pm it had brightened , if you can call some of the grey going and a tiny bit of palest blue showing through, brightening! It was less cold , as in no longer freezing , so Paul had his lunch then made a start on getting the base laid.

and by half 4 thsi afternoon, Paul had managed to get it laid despite it getting colder and trying to rain !

So getting this down will hopefully give us the chance to get more done over the coming bank holiday weekend. Weather permitting!!

We also managed a trip to the recycling centre on Friday , so at least there is one pile of rubbish gone ready for us to make another no doubt!



  1. Casper is getting so big Dee, those long legs and big paws! But yes, I can imagine him not being overly impressed with the cold if he's anything like my dogs!
    I hope the weather next weekend is better for you, surely this unsettled weather can't go on forever!

    1. He is Sharon. It's promising to be good! xx