Sunday, 15 April 2018


Well it's basically rained all week with the odd dry patch now and then. But finally we did get some dry weather on Saturday! But alas I was working and Paul was unwell, so we are no further forward than last weekend.

The plants and trees, like this Acer , are beginning to get their leaves despite the lack of sun and the constant rain.

The Magnolia Stellata is finally in flower, having seen a little bit of sun!

We did manage to clear off the base and bag up the rubbish. I also cut back and dug up a holly which had grown at an angle and by removing, will allow me to move a shrub, which is to the right hand side of this photo in the middle, into the space now available. It's a Spindle tree which has the most beautiful red leaves in the autumn. The shrub is quite big , so we are hoping to be able to move it without causing it any damage.

The pile of rubbish gets bigger! and is just another thing that will need dealing with when time allows.

They are forecasting some dry and warm weather ! So if it arrives and Paul's back to full fitness, we'll be working on the garden this coming weekend and hope to make a big dent in what needs doing!



  1. Good to see everything is moving along nicely. Magnolia looks wonderful, I bet it smells gorgeous. Hopefully everything will be finished in time for the garden viewing.

  2. An inspiring post, Dee. Can't wait to get started in our garden - though it never has the cared for look of yours, no matter what we do. Once this round of treatment and the non-stop rain end, I'll be out there following your lead...without being too much of a a copycat, of course!

  3. WOW you're so busy Dee, so much to do, so little time when you're working full time. I hope you get it all sorted out soon so that you can build your lovely cabin.