Sunday, 8 April 2018


So April's arrived and still the weathers cold but now with almost constant days of rain! They will not be able to say ,come the summer, that we don't have enough water in the country! We've had more than our fair share I would think.

Despite the rain we've managed to take down the gazebo over the last two weekends.

This as meant we now have a load of things that need getting rid of.

Rubbish now litters the house garden.

It opened up the garden on the left from the patio and although it looks so nice and big opened up, it's the only place the new log cabin can go, so will soon look smaller once again.

Finally the old structure is gone , we had one day of good weather and now it's back to raining all day.

The base needs extending by 3 ft to the right of the photo. so after cleaning the existing base, once the weather's dry! We'll move the shrubs and roses that are growing in that area.

Even though we've done two trips to recycling centre, we now have another pile of rubbish to take.

So once we get a good dry day, we can clean base, move shrubs , re-stain old fence and hopefully dig out and prepare the area for the extra base. Just a couple of dry days , or afternoon evening would do it!!

Here's hoping!


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