Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Well now we are heading through the last of the winter months, Paul's mind has turned towards projects in the garden. One of the things he wanted to set up in the greenhouse was a heated bench to use for propagating.

So he bought the items required to set one up. First off  he ordered some more staging which he added across the back of the greenhouse. Then he bought some decking boards to use to make the wooden frame needed to hold in the sand and heated cable.

These are the decking boards cut to size.

Screwed together to form the box. This then once in place on the bench in the greenhouse had a base board added that sits inside the frame on the wooden ledge shown above.

Then to the base is added some insulation foam, we had a couple of old pieces which we were able to reuse.

not shown is a layer of foil which Paul placed underneath this plastic sheeting.

 Onto this plastic you lay a layer of sand and then you are ready for the heating cable.

If you buy the thermostat from the same place as the cable , it will arrive all wired up ready for you to just put in place.

You make two holes in the side for the bench, one for the cable and the second for the Thermostat to be fixed to.

You lay the cable on the sand and link to the thermostat.

Then you cover the cable with another layer of sand and then you are ready to use your heated bench.



  1. That looks good! I look forward to seeing all your little seedlings in a while, with nice cosy warm roots :)
    Hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Trying to see Sharons happy 'seedlings with warm roots' in my mind
    - absolutely wonderful :)

    And so are your project!

  3. Wow, that looks amazing, what lucky little plants!