Saturday, 15 November 2014


Well  it is mid November and the weather is still mild, there have been a few cold nights but no frost to speak of!

So the garden is still wearing it's Autumn colours .

The grasses and Phormium are looking good.

The Bamboo is still going strong

This Acer that we planted as a tiny twig is showing off it's winter colour.

A closer look of the leaves.

The Flax , Viburnum and Mahonia .

 Closer look at the  Mahonia.

The climbing Hydrangea.

The holly in berry.

 A view of the stem of the Snake Bark Maple.

A mass of shrub colour.

The pink  Phormium .

A peek in the greenhouse.

This lovely Hydrangea as been in flower for months.

A fern

More Fern's still in leaf.

A smaller Acer.

A Cotoneaster in berry.

This enormous Honey Bush should have been frost bitten and back down to the ground but instead it's in FLOWER! A very rare thing!

So now we are hoping the frost stays away long enough for them to flower, the flowers smell of honey when they open, hence it's name.

In the words of the minions BANANA!!! Dried out and ready to be put to bed for the winter.

The Green BANANA! that can stay in position as long as it's protected! Looks like some strange sort of scarecrow!

You can see the final pink Anemone just under the statue of  Niamh  the water nymph who will be covered up soon to see her safely through the winter months.

So that was a little wander round the back garden late this evening just before it started to get dark.



  1. How marvellous is all that in mid November! Truly fantastic. It
    's been a fab year for our weather. A mild last Winter, a warm and sunny Spring, a hot Summer with a late sunny Autumn. No wonder our trees, plants and flowers don't know if they are coming or going.
    Thanks for this inspiring post.

    1. Yes and it's still mild! I am sure winter will turn up and it will be such a shock! :)

  2. I know the clima is different in England, but I'm really surprised to see the Mahonia blooming!
    We're far away from that, -and it's not really cold here this time. No snow, no ice - perhaps some 'Reif' ( kind of icy lace) on the gras in the morning.

    Love your new blog
    and noticed how I missed you - only glimpsing on FB from time to time :)

    1. The Mahonia flower in the cold months, well at least ours do! But like you it's not really cold here yet, only one or two frosts in November!!
      Glad you like this new blog and I have missed you too! :)

  3. Just found this blog - it's a testament to Paul's hard work and your heavy looking on! (Just kidding, I'm sure you do your share, but it is Paul's little paradise. Sending B to take lessons, he can sleep in the shed during his apprenticeship and he doesn't eat much.....