Sunday, 22 February 2015


Well Paul decided to buy a cloche and adapt it to cover the new heated bench and well the seeds appear to just love it!!

A view of the cloche covering the bench.

The view from further away.

Well just one week later and everything's coming up !

Seedlings showing in almost every tray!

The sweet pea's have now been taken out and placed on the shelf above to get more light.

The Ricinus Communis , mock castor oil plant ,an annual that gets quite big red leaves is already sprouting.

This area in front of the greenhouse Paul wants to turn into a hardy tropical style area, so despite the freezing cold he's been outside today moving shrubs and plants from one place to another while also pulling up weeds!
Because when we made this raised bed we had to plant it up straight away due to having the garden open to the public a couple of months later, we did not have a chance to treat it with any weed killer , so every year it gets lots of weeds especially nettles, so every year we spent ages pulling them out!
This area needs the plants to be divided and repositioned now Paul wants his Tropical look.

To help with his new bed he bought this large Palm late last year ,which he now needs to decide where to place! He said about maybe keeping it in a pot and moving it around but I think due to the size it needs to be put into the garden.

We have removed the trellis roof from the shaded area to allow the Heavenly Bamboo to have some head room.

So Spring is round the corner so Paul's already out in the garden working, I am called upon to don my boots and a warm coat to agree with any move before he re plants, as he hates it when I see the new placement only to say , why did he not put it a foot that way or this, so now he comes and gets me to save him having to move things twice! Terrible I know but that's my job!! :)
I'll not be appearing in the garden until it starts to warm up so about mid to late March I may do a few hours!
I'll be on Path duty, the stepping stones in the flower garden need to be raised as they have disappeared into the grass over the last few years and the path in the first garden by the house is full of grass and some of the edges have crumbled, so a clear out and possibly a redesign of this one, I am considering putting a raised edge either side , for Izzy our Westie, now she's almost blind I'm hoping it will give her a focus point to help her towards the house when she's outside alone.
So that will need to be done once the weather and temperature improves, until then I am just on place agreement duty!!



  1. Indeed it is! How lovely to see these newly sewed seeds sprouting beautifully until the warmth and cover ready to make the garden look even more delightful for the visitor's open day in the Summer.
    Really brave of Paul to be gardening outside in this cold weather. I've only been out in the garden twice this month to collect up the stray leaves that were blowing around and then gathering in the nooks and crannies before the garden waste council service started up again last Friday.

  2. Hurra, sie leben.
    They are happy growing. So nice to watch :)

  3. They are doing really well Dee, well done to you and Paul for all those new 'babies' coming along nicely!
    I look forward to seeing the tropical garden when it's completed. I do believe we had one of those palms in our garden in Essex, but ours was tinged with red, are they called something like a Cordyline? They are really nice and we had ours in a big blue earthenware pot and used to move it about, but it did do much better in the soil when we eventually planted it.
    If you have a sheltered spot, maybe you could plant your lemon tree in the soil too, we've found that they do much better in the ground and you get more fruits.
    I don't blame you for waiting until it warms up to give more assistance though...brrrr!
    Big hugs SHaron xx