Sunday, 16 July 2017


One of the outstanding jobs in our garden was to put some sort of tile or paving under the Lychgate, to finish it off.
Well the years have gone by, on the odd occasions it's been mentioned and then forgotten again.

Then last year Paul drew up a graph of what sized paving would be needed to fit and again it went by the wayside.

Then earlier this year we bought three paving slabs to make the front step from, because we fell in love with the look of one of them!
Of course it turned out to be totally the wrong colour! So we put them to one side and went and bought what we intended in the first place.

Then about a month back I suddenly thought where we could use them.. as the floor to the Lychgate! It meant we'd need a few more, so a pattern was worked out.

Last weekend Paul purchased the extra pieces we'd need and today he did the job!

The Lychgate being prepared.

Swept out and ready for the job.

The paving laid .

Now waiting for the cement to go off slightly then it can be swept to remove any bits of cement on the paving.

The paving with the markings

So now leaving it to harden off, then it can be swept over. Then all that's left is the gates! but who know when they'll get done... there's a folly to be built!!



  1. Paving looks great! Another garden box ticked!

    1. Thanks, It's great getting another job out the way!

  2. So beautiful, Dee. I really love the paving with the markings in it just that little extra beautiful touch. With the ideas and skills you two have to offer, it's a wonder you are not taking up professional interior and garden design........ can you fix 500 year old walls that no longer wish to stand up??

    I've always wondered about your lychgate - was it there when you bought the house but it seems it is another of the O's amazing always-been-there look monuments! I LOVE it and, if I could just make it wide enough to take the old tractor, we would love one here.

    1. That's kind of you to say Jenny :) I think we've left it a little late to start a new career! :)
      If we could , we'd be there in a flash!
      The Lychgate was designed and made by Paul at my request and it's slowly getting finished.. I think if it was wide enough for a tractor , you'd be able to add walls, a window and a door and live in it!!

    2. ps if you look in the June 2014 post you can see it being made :)