Sunday, 7 May 2017


I thought we'd start with this gorgeous purple Phlox that's decided to make this pot it's own.

This Magnolia called Susan is putting on a lovely show with lots of flowers.

The Red Robin just along from it is also in full flower.

The rockery is growing well, if not too well in some plants case! We may need to move a few of the bigger plants that are crowding out the smaller ones.

Billy Bob's come out from undercover to take up his place once again in the flower garden.

Looks like he survived the winter well.

Two of the buds on the Tree Peony have opened and are a beautiful deep silky pink.

Not around for long but well worth the effort.

We moved the small variegated leafed Rhododendron from the other bed into this one as it was not doing well in the other bed. This one takes the overflow from the workshop roof, so is kept nice and damp normally.

It came from this side but there are plenty of plants here to fill it's space.

This bed is also filling out.

 as is this the forth and final bed in the flower garden.

The Hosta's are starting to leaf up , Paul repotted some and found Vine Weavel in some of the pots , so the birds have had a lovely extra treat and the post have all been treated.

The new standards have been potted into Yorkshire terracotta pots but the pots of African Lilies are still sheltering under the Lych Gate.

The seating area at the very back of the garden is begining to disappear behind the plants as we planned.

The plants in the raised bed are growing strong.

This little Herchera is in flower already.

The Rhododendrons are starting to flower also.

In the greenhouse the hanging baskets Paul did are filling out.

another one.

The more delicate Geraniums are awaiting until later in the month to go outside.

a few more on the left.

Lots of Paul's cuttings growing strong.

The Pineapple Lily bulbs are starting to sprout.

 as are these cutting he took.

The Cherry tomato and sweet pepper plants Paul potted on are growing well.

We have also used some old pots we had and transferred a couple of Hostas and a Fern to the side of the wall at the front that is in shade.

We'll see how they go there.

Well that's whats been happening in the garden this week , of course there is lots more to do as any gardener knows it's a never ending job just keeping up!



  1. Oh Dee - what a gorgeous post! It is amazing how our much Paul does out there in your garden. How does he fit it all in round the solo building projects?
    Be careful that Billy Bob doesn't eat all the new plants, though!

    Isn't it amazing how garden growth varies? Our silly camelias were in bloom long before yours, they usually get hit by frost but not this year as they'd finished before the sudden frost that carried off our wisteria's spring growth last week. However, our poenies are not even in bud yet.

    Thank you to you and Paul for an inspirational garden to see. Off to plant the new mulberry bush to be seen our grandson's bedroom window. He's into 'TWEEEEES.' ( to get the full effect, you have to shout! In an area full of trees in the hedgerows, it can get a little tedious!)

  2. Thank you for so many pictures of your garden.
    Rose and peony are almost over in our garden, and June is a good time to visit UK.

  3. Wonderful! I bought a little aeonium on the way home from our holiday on the IoW. Mine is still very small, but I'd love to know how you take cuttings from them and when. Yours almost look like little trees! :)