Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Well everything is growing well and some flowers are starting to appear around the garden.

This bearded Iris's are flowering.

The Tomato plants are growing well.

So are the sweet pepper plants.

The Wisteria is starting to fade but the rambler Mannington Mauve is starting to flower.

It's a gorgeous colour.

The roses are doing beautifully this year.


Wollerton Old Hall rose in bloom.

The Dicksonia are in leaf.

The Jungle .. sorry I mean Tropical garden is also growing well.

Paul's potted up his red banana's and placed them out into this area.

All the box needs trimming and tidying but this lovely large cone here I've agreed that Paul can have a go at cloud pruning!

part of me thinks , NO It's so lovely and healthy but another part thinks well if he could make a nice cloud plant from it, that would be lovely too!

The Rhododendrons re also flowering well.

another of the Iris's.

The rockery is filling up almost too much! some plants will get too big and will have to be moved later in the year. Can you see the change we've made here?

This photo from the beginning of May  shows what it was like here. We've removed a couple of the branches off the Red Robin, which as opened up the area allowing more light onto the Rockery and also onto the bed on the right. There is a lovely Lilac bush which will now be able to get more light and grow straighter .

More of the Mannington Mauve.

From the other side.

The Hosta's are looking good. I'm glad we swapped the Fern in the pot for a Hosta it stands out much better.

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  1. Just spotted this blog LOL Your garden looks even more fantastic in this blog! I shall have a scroll through the other posts as it is tipping down today :)