Sunday, 9 August 2015


Today is our 40th wedding anniversary so we took ourselves off to Stratford upon Avon for the weekend.

We thought we'd share some photo's of Stratford with you all.

Stratford is full of 16th century buildings plus every other century up to date.

It's also FULL of tourists at this time and most times of year, so very hard to get photo's without visitors taking their own photo's!

There are also a few statues about this up on the side of a building.

from another angle.

some lovely buildings.


A rare clear pavement!

 Unfortunately Nash House and New Place are having restoration work completed so we were unable to visit them. But this is from outside.

I loved what they ha done to the hoarding to make it more interesting.

You could see the topiary on the back garden wall

Some of the house looking over the side of the hoarding.

Down this street you can just make out some painted screens hiding a building that is having work done. I first saw this in Venice and Rome fifteen years ago and think it's a brilliant idea to hide work on a building in this way.

Another street of architectural interest .

The inside of a beautiful Church that stand near to Nash house.

A closer look.

more buildings

it's all in the detail...



 Detail ..




Then we came to hall House which belonged to Mary, William Shakespeare's daughter and her husband who was a doctor.


Beautiful floral detail carved on this chair back.

From the back of the house.

The back garden was a beautiful big size.

It contained this wonderful bronze of Bottom, from a Midsummer nights dream.

 Paul rests in the shade of a tree.

 A beautiful deep double border that leads you back to the rear of the house.

More detail on building in the high street.


another statue

Shakespeare's birthplace.

Where some actors , acted out some scene's from Shakespeare in the garden, fabulous performances by this young woman and another older man.

Last but not least a view of the river and lock showing you just how busy a day it was! .

A wonderful place steeped in History and well worth a few days of anyone's time.



  1. Lovely to see the photos agai, Dee! Do I forsee a ittle topiary in Paul's future?

    1. You are welcome :) I don't think so, I have trouble getting him to cut the box balls back into shape!! :)