Thursday, 20 August 2015


I took the camera out round the garden this afternoon to see what's been happening.

The formal box garden is looking well.

All the Agapanthus are in flower.

two blue pots and six white despite buying at least six in blue! so they were not correctly labelled!

Looking from the Lych Gate.

The Abutalon are doing well amongst the Aggies.

 A lovely deep yellow.

One of the pots of Blue are lovely and tall , then other small .

The pots of white are also very tall and with lots of lovely flowers.


A fig on the tree

Lots of bunches of grapes which the bird will get before we do!

Paul's tropical area is full of colour.

The multi  heads of the Cardoon standing over eight foot at the back of the area.

The Dahlia's are still looking good and full of blooms

You can see the banana plants over to the left and a Canna about to flower just off centre.

The Canna

The red and green Banana's.

lots of lovely big leaves.

The shady circle.

We were considering moving this Hydrangea Paniculata because it did not look that it would do well in this spot but we are glad we waited as it's now doing great.

This pink one was only planted earlier this year and appears to be doing well but we need to make sure it gets plenty of water as it can be very dry in this area due to the over hanging trees.

Closer view.

The flower garden is looking good with plenty of colour.

Do you notice anything?

Can you see now?

Yes Paul's finally had time to fine the paving stones that have been slowly vanishing under the grass over the last few years. Now they have been uncovered and most of them lifted and relayed with sand beneath, just these three at the front left to do when Paul ran out of sand.

You can see the marks on the stones where they did not get covered by grass and therefore have weathered.


The gazebo is full of boxes from the shed while we sort out things to go or stay! Always something that needs doing!



  1. The garden is looking great Dee, you and Paul have both worked so hard on it though, so I'm not surprised.
    You should now be resting and enjoying it, though I appreciate with a garden the work is ongoing :)

    1. Thanks Sharon. We are enjoying resting in it when we can but the problem with gardens is there is always something that needs doing! :)xx

  2. What a super visual tour around your garden seeing everything so full of health before the Autumn seaon starts.

    I've always loved that patio seating raea in the shady circle and it was great seeing the twin's potting shed again.

    The stepping stones look well now that they have been lifted up a little.

    I'd be wanting to make some wine from those grapes.

    I always find it quite maddening when the flower colour labels have become mixed up.

  3. It so nice that there is still so much coming into flower or continuing to flower.
    It's is a lovely place to sit on a very hot day being several degrees cooler.
    We could not believe how much had been hidden under the grass!
    Not enough grapes for wine
    Yes it's so annoying , those aggies should have been a sea of blue with a hint of white not the other way round!