Sunday, 10 August 2014


It's been a little while since I last posted but life's been very busy with work and one thing and another, so I thought I'd best stop by and add some things that have been happening in the garden.

This gorgeous big blue Agapantus is flowering in the flower garden.

A closer look at the detail of this wonderful flower.

all the dahlia's are now flowering in the box garden, they look lovely and bright, I think next year we will get both sides to have matching height Dahlia's which we were unable to do this year to deciding to make this change quite late in the Dah..lia!!

I noticed that Paul's been using this metal bench , leaving pots on it .

It made me think that it might be worth trying to get hold of a table to place here for displaying some plants that are being grown on. Paul said maybe one of those tiered stands but I think a table would be nice as I have another place a tiered stand could go.

The red Abutilon is looking good.

If anyone knows what this lovely yellow plant is we would love to know, It comes form a seed pod we picked up when walking round a famous garden, so have no idea what it is!!

Paul bought a green banana plant which grows tall and can tolerate being left outside in the ground over winter with some straw and some fleece to help it survive.

Another of the Agapantus  this one closer to the house.


  1. The garden is looking beautiful Dee, rather LUSH.....isn't that a cool word to use these days? ;)
    That Agapantus is such a gorgeous colour, isn't it!
    Hugs SHaron xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, yes Lush it most certainly is ! :)
      I just love these gorgeous flowers in beautiful shades of Blue to Purple.
      Hugs Dee xx

  2. I love agapanthus, too.
    I didn't know that a banana plant pass the winter in England. It's fantastic.

    1. Hi Poirot, we have an Ensette that I take undercover over winter, but the intention is to plant the Musa in the border and wrap it up with some straw to protect it over winter...fingers crossed! Last winter was quite mild here but the year before we lost a few plants due to the frosts.

  3. the old saying goes 'Everything in the garden's rosy!' That's certainly true in your garden but I have a problem with my three white Agapantus plants in mine. Chon gave them to me a gift a few years ago and they were then in flower but have only since flowered the once.
    Being only semi hardy I usually dig them up and transfer them into large pots in late Autumn and store them in my garage over Winter, replanting them outside again when they start to sprout.
    I'm guessing that I must be doing something wrong with the lack of them flowering but what?
    Is all this digging out and moving from garden to plant pots not good for them? Should they perhaps remain in some large containers and just be moved under cover in order to be kept away from the frosts or maybe even just covered/wrapped in fleece?
    Would welcome any advice as I don't want to lose them being a gift.

    1. the above comment was from Kendal but for some reason did not take, so here is the answer we gave.

      Thank you kendal. The Agapanthus like to have restricted roots to assist n flowering, so it could be that when you are replanting into garden you are loosening the roots ball which they would not like. Also once they have flowered they like a lot of water or this will again restrict the growth of flowers the following year.They must have their soil kept moist until Autumn.

      We keep ours in the pots and store them in the greenhouse over winter without watering until spring.They must be planted or put in full sun or you may just get lots of lovely leaves but no flowers. If you feed them weekly during the growing season until flowers begin to show their colour you should get a good result.
      Hope that information helps you get a great display next year, so you need to be out there with the watering can or hose!!

    2. Thanks a mill. for this info. NOW definitely know what I'm doing wrong.

      I do remember reading something about their root balls liking to be restricted and am now sure that it was the year that I kept them in their original small plastic pots whilst sheltering in the garage over Winter that they flowered in the front south facing garden.

      Had somehow stopped the watering with the sprinkler and hose due to the time and expense over the last two years so obviously they must have dried out and so whilst having those lovely sharp long shaped leaves there were no flowers.

      Got the message now, thanks, so am just going out to give them a good watering (and on a daily basis) until I dig them out in October for sheltering.
      From then on they will remain in these small pots and which will be planted in the ground during the Spring/Summer months AND WATERED DAILY!..